Guide to play Bless Open Beta

First of all you will need an account. There are some website we don’t want to link here so you have to google for it. After getting your Account head over to the official Korean Bless Online Site, Login and install all required Plugins(if necessary). It is highly recommended to use Internet Explorer for this process.


After logging in, go to the download page and download the Bless Downloader. It doesn’t really matter if you pick the Blue or Red one.


Select the download folder and proceed.

Red Launcher


Blue Launcher


After installing the Game start the Game via the Website


Remember that there is an IP Block so you will need a korean VPN to start. We recommend the VPN Gate Client.
After starting the game, you can disconnect the VPN after Gameguard loaded and it’s small image dissapears.

You can download the english patch here.
If you have any issues or want to find people to play with make sure to visit our Forums and ask for help.


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