Bless Online Mobile Game Announced

Bless 2016-08-24 22-01-09-658


Longtu Korea announced today at G-STAR 2016 that they had signed an agreement with Neowiz Games and to obtain the license to develop a mobile game based on Bless Online,¬†the Unreal Engine 3 MMORPG that’s published by Aeria Games in the west.


No information regarding the gameplay was revealed however Longtu did reveal that they have Neowiz’s full support including¬†the access to Bless assets and technologies needed to make the mobile game.



Longtu Games is a major mobile and browser game publisher in China. The company has been actively signing up famous IP’s to make new generation mobile games and even VR/AR games in recent years. They set up Longtu Korea in January 2016.