Pet System

1. Pets must undergo Obedience/Taming. (Go here for details.)

2. Pets follow your character around and offer buffs, both in PVE and PVP.

3. Clicking the pet icon will summon the pet.

4. Pets also have their own set of skills (up to 2), but they do not participate directly in combat.

5. The following buffs are provided by pets:

  • In PVE: Pet buffs can increase XP/kill or increase the amount of gold that drops.
  • In PVP: Pet buffs can increase XP/kill, or improve various scores/points for PVP activities.

6. Like your character, pets also have a Fatigue System. While summoned, the fatigue continues to be consumed.

7. Once fatigue reaches 0, pets despawn and go on cooldown.

8. You must wait until cooldown completes before you can resummon that pet.

9. Pets have 5 rarity ranks: general (white), advanced (green), rare (blue), heroic (purple), and legendary (yellow/gold). Here’s how to improve the rarity of a pet:

  • Open pet UI.
  • Select the pet you want to upgrade.
  • Click Upgrade button.

  • Now, drag and drop a pet from your Pet list that matches the same rarity (e.g. Green pet requires another Green pet).
  • Click Upgrade.

  • If it fails, you gain a small percentage bonus to your next attempt.
  • If you succeed, that pet automatically becomes the next higher rarity.
  • The main reason to improve the rarity of a pet is to add an additional skill slot!
  • White, green, and blue pets can have 1 skill. When I improved the quality of my pet to epic, it gained a second skill.
  • NOTE: If you tame a mob that has no starting skill, it is RNG as to whether or not it will gain its first skill on the very next quality improvement.

10. There are also pet levels. Regardless of the level of the mob you tamed, it automatically becomes Level 1 once tamed.Pets level up by being strengthened (combining any two minions together). Do that enough times, the minion will increase its level.

  • This process works just like upgrading the rarity.
  • Select the pet you want to upgrade and click Strengthen button.

  • If successful, the pet will gain progress in its experience bar toward the next level.
  • Once a pet has reached enough experience to gain a level, you will be notified of the level up!

  • Pets can reach at least level 21. I’m not sure what the actual cap is.
  • For every 5 or so levels that a pet increases, the skill bonuses also improve! For example, My level 4 pet had +3% xp bonus. Reaching level 5, that went up to 4%.

12. The fatigue cost per attempt to train a pet is 5, but it can often take two or more attempts.

Pet Skills

1. There are 5 total pet skills.

2. Pets can have a maximum of any two of the skills, but often will be trained with none or just one skill.

  • NOTE: I trained 35 pets and none of them came with 2 skills.
  • It appears that the ONLY way to get the next skill slot is to improve the rarity of the pet to Epic or better.

3. The skills the pet comes with are completely random, so you need to tame many pets in order to achieve the combination you want most.

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