Guild PvP & RvR

The PVP system in BLESS is fairly complicated and the Google Translation results leave a lot to be desired. Here’s what we can figure out about it at this time.

  1. There are two major modes of PVP: open world and battlegrounds (“It may scramble” and “Strasbourg”).
  2. Open world can be unlimited number of players (though probably mostly small groups) and PVP is always on.
  3. Participating in RVR (Strausburg castle sieges) requires spending Fatigue.
    • At this time, it appears killing regular players in open world PVP does not cost Fatigue.
  4. Participating in PVP also helps your guild earn influence/reputation, but we don’t know how much is earned.
  5. There is a cash shop item that allows you to turn off PVP for your character for a limited amount of time. (Scroll to end of post to read how it works.)
  6. Participating in PVP earns you currency (honor) to be used to purchase a class set, and you gain XP.

There are 4 different settings a zone can have regarding PVP
  1. Peace Area. No PVP allowed.
  2. Conflict Area. PVP allowed.
  3. Faction Protected Area. “Faction specific aggressive non-Area”. I assume that means you can attack your own faction?
  4. Friendly Protected Areas. “Faction-specific aggressive coverage area”. Maybe this means you cannot attack your own faction.

PVP Ranks
  1. PVP ranks are leaderboards that cover the past 10 days of PVP activity.
  2. The top 18 ranks are displayed in the leaderboard on the server.
  3. The character’s level, class, and rank are displayed.

Strasbourg Siege (castle siege)

  1. Strasbourg is apparently 100v100 in an hour-long timed event. You queue up for this event like arenas or battlegrounds in most MMOs.
  2. Based on your level, Strausburg cost over 60 Fatigue per queue and went up to well over 75 Fatigue by level 29 or 30.
  3. Strausburg required players to be level 25+ to queue.
  4. Strausburg also auto-leveled everyone to the cap (level 45 for CBT3), so there is some normalization that is occurring.
  5. There are 2 castles, one at either end of the map, and Points of Interest to control in the middle.
  6. There are three paths to reach the enemy castle: left, middle, right.
  7. Leaderboards will constantly update during the hour-long fight to show medals earned, number of enemy players you killed, number of enemies you contributed to killing, and which faction is in the lead.



It’s A Scramble
  1. From what I can tell, this can occur at different times during the day.
  2. This is a Guild vs. Guild arena battle.
  3. A GM has to sign up to have a specific match against another specific guild.
    • GMs have to decide if they will be the attackers or the defenders.

  • Winners earn a governance currency that can be spent at a specific NPC in the guild NPC area of the capitol cities.

Here’s how the cash shop item works.
  1. The cash shop item makes you unattackable in PVP-enabled zones costs 70 gems each.
  2. The buff only lasts for 10 minutes!
  3. The cooldown on the item is 60 minutes!! So only 15% of your game time can you prevent PVP.
  4. Once your storyline progresses passed level 28 or so, you are in open world PVP territory. I was trying to gather and was ganked by a 5-man group.
  5. Quest hubs and even major camps with several buildings and dozens of NPCs and guards are not PVP-free. There were enemy faction archers sitting on ledges they climbed up behind the quest fortress attacking guards and players who couldn’t retaliate. (NOTE: Going AFK will probably guarantee you are killed.)
  6. IF you have the peace buff on and you phase into story content, the buff gets removed and you lose all remaining time for that buff.

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