Some general notes first:

1. If you run a dungeon with a party where members are several levels apart or more, the lower levels will not earn any xp and the higher level is virtually immune to damage (except for major boss AOE damage).

2. Originally, bosses only dropped crafting mats. That still occurs, but they also drop additional loot now.

  • Level 13-14 dungeon drops green mats off first boss used for crafting level 14 green gear.
  • Same dungeon drops blue mats off 2nd and 3rd (final) boss that are used for making level 14 blue accessories and weapon.
  • White gear dropped from trash mobs and gold dropped from all mobs.
  • Bosses drop Adventure currency (white coin with blue rune on it).

3. Fatigue costs for running dungeons appears to cost 50, 90, 100, or 150 fatigue based on the dungeon. NOTE: There is no fatigue cost now for the first dungeon.

4. There is no party finder in the game, so you’ll need to shout in general or guild chat to find players to run them with.

5. It appears the lowest 4 leveled dungeons are faction-specific (2 dungeons for each faction), so total dungeons for each faction until level 45 is just 6 dungeons.

6. Dungeon loot can be exchanged between players who were in the party at the time of the kill. You have 1 hour to make the change.

Here’s how dungeons work:

1. Most dungeons through at least level 45 require 5-man parties.

  • If you are high enough level, you can even solo the 5-man dungeons.

2. There are Private and Party dungeons.

  • NOTE: This used to work this way, but they did make changes in CBT3 and made one or two of the private dungeons into 5-man dungeons.

3. You enter a dungeon through a portal in specific zones.

4. Running a dungeon requires you have enough fatigue to enter.

  • Just walking in instantly charges you Fatigue. There is no prompt like, “Are you sure you want to enter?”
  • If you go in solo and leave, to re-enter is another Fatigue cost. Be sure you do not leave if you are the only member of your party in the dungeon (or if you are in there solo).

5. There are 8 party dungeons from level 13-45.

6. You can enter a dungeon up to 3 levels earlier than recommended, depending on the dungeon.

7. If entering the dungeon as part of the main story line, there will be quests outside and possibly inside.

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