General Notes About Crafting

  1. -There is only 1 “crafting” and 1 “gathering” skill.
    • In other words, there is no armorsmithing, alchemy, herbalism, mining, etc.
    • Just “Production” and “Gathering”.
  2. -All Productions earn XP toward the single Production skill and all gathering of any items goes toward leveling up the Gathering skill.
  3. -All recipes are automatically available in the Production and Co-Production (NPC) tabs.
    • This includes green, blue, purple, AND legendary recipes.
  4. -Select the item you want to craft and click Production.
  5. -The MAIN gating restraint toward leveling your crafting is the enormous cost of the currencies involved. NOT Fatigue.Fatigue plays virtually no role at all in gating progress in leveling your crafting. The most Fatigue required to craft a piece of gear is 5 Fatigue.
    • A level 16 green item costs an average of 750-900 “found” currency that comes only from killing mobs, minion missions, and some quests.
    • By level 20, doing everything possible along the way, you’ll have between 7,000-8,000 total of that currency.
    • 7 pieces of armor * 750-900 = ~6,000 currency spent on JUST a level 16 green set. And that set is 4 levels below you and you have no access to level 20+ mats until you move to a 20+ zone.
    • A level 24-26 piece of gear requires an average of 1,000-1,200 “found” currency.
    • The more rare the item to be crafted, the more differing currencies it can require.
    • Some crafted items require a couple thousand of all three currencies: mob, dungeon, and PVP, for a SINGLE craft, plus 2 gathered mats.
  6. -Crafted items appear to give various amounts of XP toward leveling the Production Level.
    • 6 Level 16 crafted pieces gave 30 total XP (5 XP each).
    • A level 26 crafted belt only gave 3 XP.
    • Level 2 in Production is nearly 2,000 XP.
    • In order to reach Level 2 in “Crafting”, you need to have crafted 400+ items, unless you start earning a LOT more xp/craft later on.

Crafting is accomplished one of two ways:

  1. You gather the mats and a player crafts the item (“Fabrication”).
  2. You gather the mats and provide them to an NPC who crafts the item for you (“Co-Production”).

Either crafting type requires the following conditions are met:

  1. All crafting items must be in your inventory.
    • Some items are acquired via killing mobs (fur, feathers).
    • Some items are acquired via gathering (ores, plants).
    • Crafting mats have various rarities, just like with gear: white, green, blue, epic, and legendary. (Yes, there are legendary recipes.)
    • Some mats appear to be rare “critical” successes off gathering.
  2. You must have enough of the crafting currencies (found points, honor, adventure tokens) as well as the mob or gathered mats.
    • Every craft will require a currency earned by killing mobs, in PVP, or doing dungeons.
    • Some crafts require all three currencies in addition to the mob or gathered mats.


  1. Players craft these items.
  2. Crafted items include weapons, armor, jewelry, potions, food materials (mats used to craft food and drinks), food, and drinks.
  3. This crafting type consumes Fatigue.
  4. To craft an item, you need to meet the skill level requirements.
  5. Crafted items can be normal or have a critical (jackpot) success which improves the stats of the item.

How to Craft Via Production (Player) Method

1. Open Production UI from menu icons in bottom right of screen.

2. Rating is the quality of the item you want to craft.

3. Classification 1 is which type of item you want to craft.

4. Classification 2 is which slot (for armor) or weapon type (mace, sword, etc.) for weapons.

5. Select the item you want to craft and click it. Be sure it has the stats you want (e.g. Wisdom for Paladins).

6. The “Production” button on the bottom left just crafts one of the item selected. Using the All Production allows you to craft as many of that item as you have mats for.


  1. NPCs craft the items for you.
  2. Crafted items include weapons, armor, trinkets (jewelry). No consumables are NPC crafted.
  3. This crafting type requires you pay the NPC with gold.
  4. Crafting items via the NPC does not improve your own crafting skill level.
  5. Crafted items can only be normal; no critical successes.
  6. UI is exactly the same as with Production.

Here’s a chart for you visual folks.

Notes about gathering:

  1. Every gather attempt requires a pickaxe for ores or the plant gathering “tool box”.
  2. If you do not have at least one of the appropriate gathering tools in your inventory, you cannot gather.
  3. Gathering does provide you with some character XP as well as Gathering XP.
  4. Every gather attempt consumes 2 Fatigue.
  5. Gathering has its own leveling system, which means you will need to be a certain Gathering level in order to gather higher level materials.
  6. Gathering XP is gained VERY slowly.
    • Each gather is worth 4 Gathering XP to start. That does increase to 6, 8, etc. based on the level in which you are gathering.
    • To reach level 2 in Gathering, you need to earn over 600 XP.
    • To reach level 3 in Gathering, you need over 3,000 XP.
  7. Gathering apparently caps at 160 and 320 for no obvious reason. Here are some possibilities:
    • It’s bugged. You still get screen announcements you get Gathering XP, but it doesn’t advance.
    • Character level – need to level up more to start earning Gathering XP again.
    • Zone level – maybe the nodes are too low level to count?
    • Hard cap per day – maybe you can only progress Gathering so far each day.

Here’s what it looks like when you’ve gotten to Level 2 Gathering. I assume it matches the Production side where there are also 6 Levels, but I cannot verify that.