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  • Zazaaji -

    I had no idea you were a member here already. In any case, feel free to PM me if you have any forum related matters you want done. Additions, official AeriaGame's-posting-only forums, etc. I can't guarantee since it's not ultimately up to me, but I'll sure try.

    • ChrizzzB -

      Thanks Zazaaji, I am a long time lurker. Thank you for accepting me to your community.

    • Zazaaji -

      Of course we do. :) I hope AeriaGames will accept and mention Bless Source as good forums for the game until they make their own public ones, like how NCSoft acknowledged and listened to people on Blade and Soul Dojo before they made official ones.

    • Bryan Fury -

      Wait.. wait... are you really a AG member? O.o

    • Zazaaji -

      He's in the AeriaGame's group, which is why his name is orange. If he's not actually him, then Furia made a big mistake putting him in the group.

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