Bryan Fury Second Master Chief

  • Male
  • from TekkenForce Clan Base
  • Member since Sep 18th 2015

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  • Zazaaji -

    *Stares at the Habicht*

  • Piper Rose -

    OMG Bryan Fury! Long time no see!! Hello from a fellow DKO player. How are you and your wife doing? This is Moraine from Darkend Hearts.

    • Bryan Fury -

      Really? O.o OMG.. What are you doing here? Interested in Bless? She's fine, really fine!

    • Zazaaji -

      Wait, Darkened Hearts from Everquest? 0.o.....

    • Piper Rose -

      yes we were a branch from EQ bit I didn't play EQ. Bryan yes we have been waiting on this game to come out. Will be playing it. Please tell your wife we said hello!

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