Unable to start game from homepage

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      Foreen wrote:

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      Sorry for the double post. Just figured I'd lend a hand to the translating business--

      Foreen - Your error says you're not playing from South Korea. You need to use a VPN.

      Can you tell me what VPN works best, and what settings I need for the VPN?

      A lot of people here are using PCVPN it looks like. WTFast might work as well.

      Do u know whether PCVPN works for people in UK?
    • I bought a new Laptop (better than the PC I have) to play Bless on maximum, and now I can't even launch the game from the homepage either.

      I get a few errors, and as they come in I will edit this post. Here is the first:

      This one using IE

      This one using FireFox

      This one using Chrome

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      Sorry to necrobump. Just started getting into Bless KR again and am troubleshooting some issues I'm having with setting my girlfriend up to play with me. Since last posting, I've switched to VyprVPN. It's more reliable for me.

      This says you are already running the game. (Open your task manager and crash any instance of Bless.exe and/or the Pmang launcher running.)

      This says you must be a Korean citizen to play--either your account isn't verified with a KSSN or (more likely) your VPN isn't accurate or working right.

      Dunno what the string of non-Korean says.
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