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World bosses?

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    • puiche wrote:

      i know have wolrd bosses, buth question is they useles for kill or just for fun....

      just for fun ? i didnt know that could even be possible :o
      I guess it will obviously drop some good stuff, but then the question would be is it possible to find better items by the pvp system or by crafting

      Sorry for bad english :)
    • The game hasn't launched let alone begun its OBT. Chill out on the game details, there will likely be changes during OBT/for launch anyways

      It is in my experience that after reaching max level in more modern games, world bosses become useless after a few weeks if they only drop gear.

      Bosses in dungeons drop materials - I would be surprised if world bosses did not have something to offer

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    • Organic wrote:

      Tauriel wrote:

      FGT2 i play. yes have many world boss ^^ :P

      Define "world boss". There are tons of "elite" mobs (a.k.a. Champions) in the game. At what level are you actually seeing a zone-wide or regional boss that requires a party/large group/raid to kill?

      At least to me World Bosses are the ones you need a raid (more than only one group solo) in order to kill it. I mean something big that cannot be done solo or with a few people :D
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    • I recall reading that there were 5 world bosses atm (40 mans). I think it was a YouTube comment so don't quote me on that ... We should find out soon !
      When I first watched that video I thought it was a 12 hour fight and I thought nooo not a FF11 return