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    • Everything is chance. I used my pets w/out traits to upgrade other ones w/out traits instead of strengthening a trait I didn't deem a priority

      It's speculation but a few people have mentioned that birds, faeries, and other aerial/winged pets, seem to have a better chance for traits.
    • sEEEEb wrote:

      I tamed a white spirit ball, upgraded it to green and still got nothing from it. I guess the best is just to tame until you get something with a skill, then level/grade it up.

      Thanks. This means that it is still RNG prior to blue-upgrading-to-epic. Hmmm.
    • Pets can have a maximum of any two of the skills, but often will be trained with none or just one skill.
      • NOTE: I trained 35 pets and none of them came with 2 skills.
      • It appears that the ONLY way to get a 2nd skill is to improve the rarity of the pet to Epic or better.
      In CBT3 it was depending on the quality, not the level. Epic starting pets had 2 skills, but were still level 1s

      When you refer to "Epic" which color coding is that on your list here? Plz & Ty.

      Pets have 5 rarity ranks: general (white), advanced (green), rare (blue), heroic (purple), and legendary (yellow/gold). Here's how to improve the rarity of a pet.

      Sorry for any confusion just wanted to know for my own clarity.
    • Hi
      Epic = Heroic
      The 1Day Icebaer from last Event on RU was Legendary and i mean he has 2 skills .
      But i´m old and my Brain play´s Funny Game´s with me *huch* ^^
      Sorry for my English
      I´m a Old Dirty German Bastard :D
    • Another things to mention as for pet's (those with the passive skills which raise either exp/pvp exp gain/money gain/adventure points gain) is to upgrade the rarity before leveling them since you won't get the better skill values if you level them first and then upgrade them (for example a lvl 10 green passive will not get you the lvl 10 blue passive if you upgrade. Only the increase per level will be different (blue > green).

      Well I'm pretty sure that is still the case however if someone tries that out he/she may correct me here if that isn't the case anymore.

      Just saying...