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      official guide:

      The mount will take you quickly where ever the use wants to go. The mount will have a slot in your inventory and is threated as “item”.

      How to get them?

      The mounts are acquired through quests, by taming a certain monster, as a RvR reward or by purchasing in the store. (Does not tell if tamed monsters are tradable)

      “Mount” – Skills
      The Skillbar for mounts is a short cut for your mount skills. It will show up once you mounted your desired companion. Mounting uses Energy. If you have zero energy you cannot use your mount. (Don’t mistake energy with the class specific resources). The UI will change according to the image below.

      List of Mount skills

      Classification Name Description
      Active Sprint / Run (while you ride
      the Giant Troll)
      Increases Movementspeed while pressing W+W ((W+W must be constantly pressed)
      Active Excited
      Increases Movementspeed for a while if W+W is pressed. You only need to double tap W once.
      Passive Day….whatever
      Jump Height Increase
      Passive Furious Short movement increase after getting hit
      Passive Nocturnal/shining
      Movement speed increase at night
      Passive Goat Path / climbing Climbing angle increases
      Passive Strong skin Decreases the probability of getting shot down from your mount

      Quite Predator
      The enemies will recognize you from a shorter distance. (Rather than 25m it’s 15m)

      Some Screens:

      Mobility & Transport

      official guide:

      There are many ways to travel around the vast continent of Bless. There are mounts, vehicles to move between capitals /bases and much more.

      Moving between cities

      Wyvern Flight (City to City) Gondolas (Inside Cities and only some City to City ways) Airships (probably longer distances like continent to continent)

      You can travel to certain NPCs which are shown on the interactive map. (please visit the official guide and scroll down)
      [I'm unsure about this one]: Depending on your level some areas may not be available yet!

      Translation of the Interactive Map Options

      Faction Area Area Area
      Turtle Lake Shades of Eternity Brandenburg Forest (lol, German federal state)
      Union not sure here Colosseum of .... Malagalgi meadows
      Union Florin Kingdom Spirit Forest Oran Es Bay
      Heiron Abandoned Mines
      Emerald Sea Shakara Desert
      Campana plains Navarra Grassland/Wasteland
      Heiron some name Terni basin not implemented yet
      Conflict Areas
      Taunus Valley Taunus Mountains Wyvern Valley

      If you want to see the area, just click on the name at the list below the world map.


      official guide:

      Some monsters on the field can be tamed and made into a mount. If the monster is successfully tamed it will be stored in your inventory and can be summoned/mounted. Some creature have different/unique skills which make the world of Bless even more fun. Be sure to collect as much as possible (haha… gotta catch them all, eh ^^)
      In order to tame monsters you have to purchase a taming scroll. Taming scrolls can have different quality.
      [Note:] I’m not sure about the qualities. It seems we have basic, good and best quality scroll from the merchant. But additional qualities like unique scrolls, artisan scrolls, etc. are also mentioned. I guess there will be dropped scrolls also. Also I don’t know if certain monsters need to be tamed with specific scrolls. For example a very rare boss requires unique and above quality. All these details aren't mentioned.

      Taming attempt
      You purchase a taming scroll first. After that move to the area were the monster you want to tame appeared. If you found your monster use the scroll.

      If you get a success you will find the monster in your inventory (short cut I). If you fail the scroll gets consumed anyway.

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    • Social Features
      Chat System

      official guide:

      The chat is the most basic way to interact with players. Press <Enter> to access different chat modes (channels, etc.). However chatting with the other faction is not possible.

      Different modes/channels:

      Channel Description
      1. General chat contains all messages
      2. Battle Log contains all combat related messages
      3. Party Chat contains all party conversations
      4. Whisper contains all whispers
      5. Guild contains all guild conversations and
      leader broadcasts
      6. Current Chat Current chat. Chat mode can be
      changed by clicking the tab

      The chat window combines all chats together. Choose a tab to show only the related info. By pressing <enter> you will access the chat window. By clicking on the <General [일반] Tab> you can check the current chat mode, as seen below:

      If you enter the specific channel command you can also access the desired chat mode/channel. If you want to whisper to someone write the whisper command + space + character name, then press space. The chat should change to [whispering to <character name>]:

      Channel commands:

      Channel command description
      General (Say)
      /s, /ㄴ, /일반, /일
      Press enter and type what you want to say. The message will be displayed as a speech bubble in white letters above your character which can be seen by the surrounding players.
      Area (Shout)
      /지역, /지, /1
      Communicate with all players within one region. If the region is changed you will enter a new chat. Area Chat is displayed in yellow/orange.
      Party /p, /ㅔ, /파티, /파
      Displayed in the color blue. Only one party can be active at one time means only one active party chat at the same time.
      Guild /g, /ㅎ, /길드, /길
      Displayed in green. Only available for the guild members.
      Whisper /w, /ㅈ, /귓속말, /귓
      Displayed in purple. Only available for two persons. If you want to whisper someone type command, then space, then character name, then space.
      • Text limit: Text which exceeds this limit will not be displayed.
      • Spam protection: repeated messaging in certain chats will result in being muted for some time.
      • Maintenance mode: While broadcasting system messages chat can be disabled (Not sure about this)
      • Text filter: banned words will be displayed as ******

      Party System

      official guide:

      Dealing with a large number of enemies it will be difficult for solo-players. Getting together in a party will help you dealing with quests faster, will enable you to go to an instance or joining the battlefield as well as a simple social tool to enjoy your time at Bless.

      How to form a party
      • Via chat command: /invite character (/초대 <character>)
      • Right click at the character info and select the first option to invite someone

      If a character is invited to a party the following window will appear with the options: Accept/Decline.

      Party invites are limited:
      • When the character is logged out there can’t be an invite.
      • When the maximum size of 5 people per party is reached.
      • Hostile targets cannot be invited.
      • When the character is already invited to a party and the invitation is waiting for a decision.
      • When the character is already member of a party he cannot join another party. He has to leave the current party to join a new one.
      • NPCs cannot be invited.
      • Players which are in the Tutorial stage cannot be invited.
      • Something about party chapters. I guess certain parties can only be formed when certain quest requirements are met.
      When joining a party the UI changes like the picture below:

      Party Effect:
      • 5 people can participate in a party
      • You can complete quests together
      • Loot will be shared
      • Experience is distributed depending on the level distribution of the characters
      Leaving the party:
      • By command
      • By hand with right click on the party UI, then leave (see picture below)

      Party options for the leader (marked with a crown):

      • Change the loot mode: Sequential/free for all (idk about rolling for items).
      • Delegate leader: change the leader
      • Leave. When you are leaving and have more than 2 people the new leader will be randomly decided.
      • Disband
      • Cancel
      Party commands

      Function command
      invite /초대 <character name>
      /invite <character name>
      leave /탈퇴
      kick player /추방<character name>
      /kick <character name>
      pass lead /위임 <character name>
      /leader <character name>
      • Quest related stuff is shared
      • Member which are far away from the party will not get loot, exp, etc.
      • If all members are logged out the party disbands after 15 minutes.

      Guild System

      official guide:

      Join a guild to socialize with like-minded players to achieve greater goals.

      Guild Creation
      • You can create the guild via NPC.
      • You can only create a guild if you meet certain conditions, as seen below:

      If you successfully created a guild you can access the guild information panel by pressing "h" or by accessing it via the menu.

      Guild Roster

      by right-clicking on the players the guild master and members with privileges can kick and promote players.

      Guild Administration

      wasn't part of the 2nd CBT. Will be part in the next Test.

      Guild Invitation&Leave

      You can invite a character to your guild by inviting him/her via the guild menu as seen below:

      [Note:] I’m not sure if this is the only way or if there are multiple ways to invite someone.

      You can leave a guild by switching to the guild roster, then right click on your character and then selected “leave”.
      If you do this you will get the following window. Press accept to leave.

      If you leave you
      • cannot create a guild for 1 day
      • cannot join another guild for 3 days

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    • Skill System
      Tactic System = Character Builds

      official guide:
      Tactics are a combination of available skills/techniques/technologies, etc. according to the combat situation.
      Depending on the combination and active core technology you will be able to experience a variety of roles. If you adjust the appropriate technology to the situation (Solo, Party, PvP) your character can be more effective in the combat

      Tactical Setting

      Press “K” to open the Tactics Window.

      Available skills will be shown after registering the technology. The window shows the four major techs. You can build your own tactic by choosing skills from
      • using tech.
      • core tech. (Depending on the core technology some skills have different effects. Also depending on the core tech. only selected skills are available)
      • applied tech. (like the stigma system in Aion)
      • reaction tech.

      You can save your build as a tactic (progress get’s auto saved). You can also switch between tactics by press crtl+<number> or by selecting the tactic in the tactics window.It is recommended to change the tactic before the fight.

      [note:] I guess (not sure) switching between tactics in combat is not possible.

      [Note 2]: the word technology is equivalent with technique or skills here. It's just that the word by word translation would suggest technology over anything else. But I guess even if I wrote technology I guess you guys would understand that skills are meant.

      Tactics are basically ingame skill builders where you can save your favorite builds and roles and then you can easily switch between them.
      You can for example register a Priest Build as Main Healer and a Build for an Emergency Healer+DD abilities and then as a third the Paladin spec for Main Tanking or so.

      Techs. = classification of skills

      official guide:

      Technologies (Skills)

      You can see the class skills by accessing the technology/technique list. You can open it via Icon on the Menu or by pressing “L”

      In the technology/technique/skills/disciplines/etc. list there are 5 tabs:
      • General Techniques (mostly passives I think)
      • Core Techniques (each class has 3 core abilities. Your character will be greatly influenced by your choice. For example Paladin has the three roles depending on the core ability:
        1. [Priest] - Healer
        2. [Judge] - Defensive DD
        3. [Paladin] - Defensive Tank
      • Using Techniques (your active skills)
      • Applied Techniques (like the stigma system in Aion, they are additional skills)
      • Reaction Techniques (combo skills when a certain situation is met, for example "Enemy is knockdown-ed - then you may use the fitting reaction skill)
      If you do not meet the level conditions of a technique it is display with a padlock icon. If you achieve the level condition but didn’t learn the skill yet it will be display as a gray icon.

      [The following example is the Guardian Class]

      General Technology/Techniques

      Core Technology/Techniques

      Are central to the configuration you want to choose. Only 1 core tech per tactic can be registered.

      Using Technology/Techniques

      Applied Technology/Techniques
      When mounted it directly applies the skill to the list of available skills.

      Reaction Technology/Techniques
      Are basically combo skills. Once a certain criteria is met you can execute them. For example successful knockdown on a target mean you can execute a reaction skill to that knockdown

      With all these skills you can choose your desired Tactic or Build - as previously mentioned.

      character attributes; main stats and resources

      Basic stats
      Strength Increases attack power and the chance to parry attacks.
      Stamina Increases maximum health.
      Wisdom Increases mana regeneration and spell cast speed.
      Intelligence Increases spell power and maximum mana.
      Agility Increases attack power (ranged attack?) and the chance to dodge attacks.
      Finesse Increases critical hit rate and acceleration (or haste).

      Advanced stats

      Maximum Health Points Maximum amount of HP of the character. Is influenced by stamina and influences heath regeneration out of combat.
      Attack Power Displays the physical damage potential. Influenced by strength and agility.
      Spell Power Displays the magical damage & healing potential. Influenced by intelligence and wisdom.
      Weapon Attack Displays the physical damage with the currently equipped weapon.
      Weapon Spell Attack Displays the magical damage or healing with the currently equipped weapon.
      Hit Rate Displays the probability of landing an attack. Magic hit rate and physical hit rate are applied differently.
      Crit. Rate Displays the probability of a critical strike.
      Decreases the cooldown of the skills. Also cast and animation speed are reduced (not sure about this one)
      Armor Displays physical defense against physical attacks. Can be increased through the armor. (and buffs)
      Magic Armor Displays magical defense against magic attacks. Can be increased through the armor. (and buffs)
      Evasion Displays the probability of completely avoid an enemy attack. Influenced by Agility.
      Parry Berserker (and other ?) have a chance to stop enemy attacks with their weapon.
      Shield defense Displays the probability of defending him/herself against enemy attacks with a shield.
      Shield damage absorption When successfully defending with your shield, the incoming damage is reduced. Requires a shield.
      Magic Resistance Displays the probability of completely resisting a magic attack.
      Monolith Displays the probability to withstand physical conditions like getting knockdown-ed or pushed away.

      Class specific resources

      Paladin Mana Points - (lvl 36 - max. MP around 5k)
      Guardian Courage (Points) - max. 5 Courage
      Berserker Rage
      Ranger Concentration - max. 100 (I think)
      Mage probably Mana too (no info yet)
      Assassin Concentration probably (no info yet)

      Skills - all classes

      I think it is better to upload all skills as a google sheet. Why? Because editing in a forum is a pain in the ass and I'm lazy. Also with that I can easily access them and complete them and polish them.

      Anyway here is the link: Bless Online CBT2 skills

      A very informative video by rendermax:
      Showing of skills from all classes

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    • Classes - detailed description

      Guardian (가디언) Class Information

      official guide:

      Guardian Description
      The guardian has many skills to protect themselves and their party from enemies which are a danger to the group. He has many skills to counter many situations.
      Many skills are focused on the defense and the provocation of enemies. The Guardian features long term damage rather than burst damage.
      If the party situation changes, change your core skill to a more aggressive combat build (tactic). Some guardian builds require containers or courage as resource.
      With some skills you can acquire it in a short amount of time but they are also consumed by a lot of skills, for example switching your core skills. T
      he maximum amount of containers/courage is 5 units

      Guardian Details

      Detail Description
      Class available
      to Races
      Habicht, Mascu, Silvan Elfs, Lupus, Amistad, Aqua Elf, Pantera
      (status of the 2nd CBT)
      Sex male & female
      Profession Offensive Protection, Defensive Protection, Combat Control (via provocation)
      1h sword + shield
      recommended Armor Heavy or Medium Armor
      Class resource containers/courage
      Tactical action1 Withstand (= Block)
      1tactical actions are things like blocking, emergency self-heal, dodge, etc.

      Guardian Basic stats

      Guardians should build themselves around the stats strength, finese and stamina. Also agility plays an important part.

      Paladin (팔라딘) class information

      official guide:

      Paladin Description

      The Paladin is a class with the ability to recover himself and allies. In the battle he/she can grant beneficial effects to allies as well as inflicting harmful effects to the enemies.
      If the Paladin is by him/herself he/she can switch to the core skill "Judge" which will enable the Paladin to wield powerful attacks. (well they are not that powerful... but they get you somewhere).
      The Paladin uses Mana for the skills. Mana increases with higher levels as well with the equipment. Mana Management is crucial to the Paladin as supporting and defending allies as well as attacking the enemies are important tasks.

      Paladin Details

      Detail Description
      Race Habicht, Mascu, Silvan Elves, Amistad, Aqua Elves
      Sex female & male
      Professions Recovery & Healing , Defending&supporting, Weaken & Attacking
      rec. Weapon 1h Mace (weapon) + Shield
      rec. Armor Medium or Heavy Armor
      Class resource Mana
      Tactical Action Withstand (I'd translate it with Endure)

      Paladin Basic Stats

      The paladin is influenced by both the physical and the magical stats. You should aim for intelligence as well as stamina or strength or wisdom, depending on your core technology.

      Ranger (레인저) class information

      official guide:

      Ranger Description

      The Ranger attacks the enemies for a distance and makes sure that they stay away. The more you concentrate the more power your skills have. (They talk about the charging skills here)

      Mastering the fast recovery of your concentration is crucial to the Rangers play. However mastering will enable you to deal a massive amount of damage. The Ranger also have traps to be always one step ahead of the enemy.

      Ranger Details

      Class available
      to Races
      Habicht, Mascu, Silvan Elves, Lupus, Amistad,
      Aqua Elf, Pantera
      Sex female&male
      Profession single target damage, multi target control, high-distance attacks
      Light, Medium
      class resource Concentration

      Ranger Basic Stats

      Rangers should choose the stats stamina and agility (& strength).

      Berserker (버서커) Class Information

      official guide:

      Berserker Description

      Berserkers are descendants from a barbaric tribe and are fierce-less warriors on the battlefield. They wield their 2-h-axes and wear a set of sturdy armor in order to fight their enemies from face to face. Because of their fighting style even extreme wounds enrages and fires them up, getting close to madness making them even more dangerous foes.

      Berserker Details

      Class available
      to Races
      Habichts, Amistad, Panthera, Lupus, Mascu
      Sex female, male
      profession Melee damage to enemies in range, defense
      penetration, confusion
      recommended Weapon two handed (axe)
      recommended Armor Medium, Heavy
      class resource Anger/Rage
      tactical action Roll

      Berserker Basic Stats

      The main stats of the Berserkers are strength, finese and agility. You should also evolve your equipment around strength and stamina.

      Mage (메이지) Class Information

      official guide:

      Mage Description

      Mages study all phenomena and structures of the world, trying to link them to laws, theories and gain knowledge over them. They freely play with the four elements and generate byproducts like blizzards, lightning storms, void spheres, etc.
      They mainly wear light clothing and channel their power through staffs.

      Assassin (어새신) Class Information

      official guide:

      Assassin Description

      The assassin is a ruthless warrior who takes the lives of opponents. The assassin is a master of stealth and rivals the Ranger in terms of poisoning their targets. The assassin approaches his enemies from the rear, stabbing his targets with a sharp dagger.

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    • PvP - RvR - Territorial System and Sieges


      official guide:


      RvR or Realm vs. Realm defines Bless and consists of
      • faction vs faction
      • inner faction sieges
      • political contracts, agreements, etc.
      and define the world of Bless.

      You and your guild fight through the battlefields, conquer strongholds, castles and make it to the top-spot of the city. With each honor point gained in the various PvP actions your guild grows and will be able to participate in faction politics such as government contracts.

      Guild Masters of a guild which were able to claim victory in a capital city can then claim it and rule over the territory.

      RvR content terms Description
      Siege of Strasbourg (<- probably the name) Located in the Strahan Taunus mountains of Cortona, you will experience faction vs. faction battles with up to 200 vs 200 players (state of CBT2) on this grand battlefield.
      Honor Points PvP currency and reward for participating in various PvP situations like (Open) World PvP, Battlegrounds, etc.
      Guild Influence Depending on the honor points the guild as a whole accumulated through the various PvP actions, the guild master can take part in the faction politics such as government contracts
      Government Contracts Established between the guild and the faction itself in order to rule and magistrate a certain region. In the 2nd CBT 5 guilds of both factions could establish government contracts.
      Governor Player who has enough influence to rule a major city of the faction (not sure here if the guild has to have enough honor or if the person itself has to have a certain amount of honor points too)
      Capital battles I'm not sure how to trigger them but you can battle your own faction guild as well as the opposing faction guild in order to overtake the capital from them
      not sure not sure

      Flow of RvR content

      Bless includes guild vs guild battles and faction vs. faction battles.
      Each territory is linked to other territories which can also be raided to provide a very narrow pvp environment. The conflict regarding the ownership of the major cities within the faction but also from the outside of the faction increases the tension.

      Governors who are responsible to defend the nation, the guilds which are always on the hunt (?) and all factions players have to think ahead and there is also betrayal.

      RvR Promo Video - 2014

      PvP & Rewards

      official guide:

      Honor Points

      Honor points are a secondary currency, obtained for participating in PvP actions. PvP actions can be territory sieges for example. Honor is gained depending on the contribution on the battlefield (kill / death ratio). Territorial sieges are timed and honor will be added at the end of the siege.

      When you acquire honor after joining a guild, the guild honor points also increase and with that the influence of the guild. After a certain amount of honor points, the Guild Master of a worthy guild (enough honor points) will be able to take part in the political actions such as territory governing, etc.

      Player kills

      If you kill players from the opposing faction you will obtain honor, depending on the level and gear level between both players and the kill/death count of the individual player. In addition titles may be obtained depending on your contribution on the battle.

      Battlefield Rewards

      When you participate in the various PvP actions you earn honor. You can check your current honor points by pressing I (inventory shortcut) and look at your currency points. These can be spend on various items and most important combat specific equipment (I guess they mean PvP equipment)

      Honor Items

      You can spend your earned honor points at honor traders in the main cities.
      Available list of equipment:
      • Guardian - Eternal Winter Set
      • Berserker - Wrathful/Furious Winter Set
      • Paladin - Divine Winter Set
      • Ranger - Winter Wind/Blizzard Set

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    • Wow, everything is so interesting. The more I read, the more I fall in love with this game.

      I'm very excited about the taming system.

      And I hope that we get several winged mounts as well. (Hoping for a cool looking Griffin/Griffon mount)

      Cannot wait to read more info about Mage skills/technologies.

      Thank you Nito for all your hard work.
      Your posts make me something to look forward to :P
      <3 Bunnies Forever <3

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    • OMG, that topic is nice! But i would ask if possible to get a better detailed guide about the skill system.. it seems pretty complicated...

      BryanFury - Leader | Clan Website | Clan Forum | Clan Facebook Page |
    • ha, ha well Nito got to level 15 in that last test because he was learning and writing all these guides - when he put them up he realised someone else had done it, so he could have saved a lot of time and also leveled/had more fun in game......... so your in good company.... :D :D
    • Aedgyth wrote:

      ha, ha well Nito got to level 15 in that last test because he was learning and writing all these guides - when he put them up he realised someone else had done it, so he could have saved a lot of time and also leveled/had more fun in game......... so your in good company.... :D :D

      Actually I don't really had much time to play and I focused more on the tutorial level than actually playing.I wrote the guides when I found out that neowiz had written guides by themselves and just google translated them, polished the translation and put them up here.

      But Organic's guides are up-to-date information and a bit more detailed than the one's they put up on the last test
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