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Some Mounts Are Acquired Via Taming (Unicorn Video)

    • Some Mounts Are Acquired Via Taming (Unicorn Video)

      Here is one example of a mount being tamed.

      Taming the Unicorn
      1. The Taming System is a system that makes it possible to ride a "monster" otherwise fightable in the game.
      2. If the Taming is successful, that monster becomes in item in your inventory and can be used as a mount for riding.
      3. This is being offered during CBT.

      How to Tame
      1. Unusual and rare monsters can be tamed.
      2. Their appearance is different from other monsters and have specific conditions that must be met before you can ride.
      3. For example, the unicorn can be tracked by watching the footprints they leave.
      4. If the ground seems strange, it may be that the unicorn will suddenly appear.
      5. If the unicorn does appear, it is important you quickly use the Taming Powder as the unicorn will vanish quickly.
      6. Taming Powder can be purchased at an NPC.
      7. The Taming can be interrupted by the monster's attacks, so you should continue trying to Tame the monster.
      8. If successful, the monster then becomes an inventory item you can click on to let you ride.


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    • not really, its like having 6 dogs, 1 leash per dog, you think you can ride 6 horses at once that aren't tethered together via a chariot? I think not, and to be honest the idea of holding mounts and pets in a bag is kinda otherworldly like DBZ and their capsule storage.
    • So keeping 30 mounts in your backpack is normal, because "you have a leash", right? I think that mounts are like achievements, you collect them for fun, want to catch them all, and that's why they should have their own tab.
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