Adversting (For Guests and Members with less than 10 Posts only)

Origin Unknown│EU│PvX│Competitive│16+

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    • Origin Unknown│EU│PvX│Competitive│16+

      Origin Unknown is a newly founded international PvX guild looking to grow with like-minded people. Building a guild where every member is of the same value. We're a competitive guild who aims to be at the top and work together as one big community. At the moment some of us are already playing the beta of Bless JP to get as much information as possible for the EU release. (If you want to join, don't hesitate to contact. A member who is playing will gladly help you to get started)

      What do we offer:

      An active, friendly and competitive guild.
      Guides and help with your journey to the top.
      Participation in all aspects of the game.
      We take your suggestions seriously.
      Guild events, which can be organized by members too.

      What we expect from you:

      Be active, helpful and have a competitive mindset.
      Mature behaviour.
      Join our Discord
      Use voice chat when needed during guild events.
      To do quests when needed to level up the guild.
      Actively participate in guild events.
      Sense of humour, don't take everything too seriously!

      You'll start as an Apprentice and work yourself up by showing that you fit in the guild. Take the time to know each other before the game is released in EU. We don't expect you to be online 24/7, we all have things to do in real life. Contact @Mark.#4572 or @♡ Misty ♡#1516 for more information.
    • Welcome to the forums and Good luck with your guild :D
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