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[NA] [Hardcore PVP] [Hostile] is recruiting!

    • [NA] [Hardcore PVP] [Hostile] is recruiting!


      *mature PVP guild

      Yes, we're the HOSTILE from Black Desert Online and we're back! We'll be dabbling our hands in Bless Online and can already taste our future success.

      We are a group of dedicated players who have had our hands in all forms of competitive gaming. We all have one common goal, and that's to be the best PVP guild possible. GE's in CS:GO, diamond+ in LoL, Glad's in WoW, you name it. We've been a part of most if not all of recent foreign MMO's releasing in the west, and have also played overseas. As I mentioned before, we are a group of hardcore players with a casual atmosphere.

      Most of us play 10-15+ hours a day(this is by no means a requirement), when we're really passionate about a particular game we're playing. We got a late start in Bless' Japanese version, but a lot of us are already max level within a couple of days and actively grinding to learn more about the game. We're a passionate group of hardcore gamers looking for like minded, PVP-focused individuals to join us on our next journey.

      If you're looking for a guild of experienced players who want nothing more than to dominate and conquer competitive group PVP, we're for you.

      We use Discord for our VOIP. VOIP is required, as well as a mic. All players will be required to join Discord and participate in guild related activities. (Guild related activities, Sieges, Guild Wars / Call to arms are MANDATORY) If you aren't the type of player who WANTS to see our guild succeed, and enjoys being a part of its success, then you might want to look elsewhere. We aren't the guild for you.

      We're a mature guild. That means there's an age requirement of 18+. If you have thin skin and can't handle heated arguments, then you might want to turn around. We're all adults here. We joke around, call each other names, etc. That's fine. We do however, draw the line at blatant disrespect.

      If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to reply or add me on discord. Rimo#2689 Discord is the fastest way to reach me.

      Don't be a pussy.
      Have a mic + Discord.
      No apes.
      Real thirst for PVP.

      Casual open world guild vs guild PVP

      Scheduled GVG's

      Come join us. cmonBruh