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feedback for fire mage

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    • feedback for fire mage

      Alright, I wanted to give some feedback and maybe also give some small introduction. I've been playing mage and for those who don't know, there are three elements you can learn spells for: fire, ice and wind/lightning. If you for example use fire spells you fill a special fire bar. With this 'fire resource' you can activate a special cooldown that enhances your fire skills. It works the same way with the other elements. So, I guess it's prudent to concentrate on one element.

      Up until level 11 you learn fire skills, up until level 29 you learn ice skills and up until level 41 wind/lightning skills. So, to specialize in ice skills for example, you would first have to level with fire and then respec to get your points out of the fire skills. In the Japanese version I haven't encountered a way to respec so far. I think it should be possible to respec freely at the start to try skills and to specialize early on, unless the player is expected to take every skill until max-level and then get a respec to specialize, which I don't know – BUT if that's the case, to be able to skill yourself while leveling would be pointless if you're just expected to put one point in every skill.

      I'm going for fire mage so far. Big explosions, big damage.

      'Flame Burst' is a spell that does a little bit damage and alters one of three other spells you can cast subsequently, 'Incineration' (no cast time, medium damage) does 50% more damage, 'Burning Meteor' (no cast time, aoe damage) stuns and 'Fire Explosion' (long cast time, FAT damage) results in more aoe damage. 'Firebender' is your big 'fire resource' cooldown that increases your critical strike chance by 50% for the next fire spell.
      You can inflict a burn effect with 'Ember' that stays on the enemy and can be prolonged with your standard 'fireball' (medium cast time, good damage). The standard attack changes between 'fire bullet' (small amount of damage) and 'absorb magic' (mana absorb).

      What are my issues so far. If you start of with 'Firebender' to fuel 'Fire Explosion' with 50% more critical strike chance (and make really really FAT damage) you manually have to turn off your auto-attack, because if you activate 'Firebender' you will be in attack mode and if the auto attack is on, 'fire bullet' will be cast and your 50% more critical strike chance will be eaten up by your most weak attack. I think it's not a good idea 'Firebender' activates auto-attack or is consumed by it.
      Why should your auto attack even be on? Because 'Fire Bullet' prolongs 'Fire Armor', a defensive shield spell that among other things reduces damage.

      If the fight is a minute or so, you can leave auto attack off and push it manually in the meantime; but I think it will become really annoying if the fight is any longer than that. The best solution to my mind right now would be that your auto attack never consumes 'Firebender' or that it enters into a phase where your auto attack isn't being cast unless you push it manually. The second idea has pvp in mind; if someone, low mana, WANTS the auto attack to be critical, to use the reactionary stun.

      To manually turn your auto attack off and on every time in a longer boss fight has little chance to be fun gameplay to me.

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    • Auto attack was an issue for me. I'd prefered having it always turn off, but don't know if some skills activated it again or when i reseted the game but it happened. It would be better that when you turn auto attack off it remains that way until you activate it again. Maybe now it is fixed, but when I used to play in rebuild server had that problem, specially with mage class.
    • Thank you for your response. The issue that auto attack turns itself from inactive to active, I haven't encountered.

      For the issue I was talking about I found a video for those who're interested.

      This mage has the base attack on '5', has turned auto-attack inactive by default and is pushing it manually. His other cooldowns are between 40 seconds and 10 seconds, so there are large portions of the fights where he does nothing else but smash 5 ... he does so 3 times a second from what I can see and this is by my reckoning about 70% of what he's pushing overall. During these 17 minutes I think he's pushing the standard attack about 2000 times.

      This mage maybe brings a counter argument.

      The mascu mage has the base attack on '1' and auto-attack is active all the time. First time he's using 'Firebender' is at 1:29, he's casting 'Ember', 'Firebender', 'Fire Explosion'. And he manages to make the casts without the automated base attack creeping in. So it's a question of ping – a small delay, a half a second lag will cripple the dps of the fire mage, if you don't want to push auto-attack yourself all the time that is.
    • may be the ping/delay

      But generally the problem is the range

      if u click on a skill when u are out of range, ure char will get closer and when he will be at the range, he will make auto-attack instead of the skill

      If u are already at the good range, the problem doesn't exist

      same if u move a little bit before u press a cast skill
    • right-clicking the auto atk spell turns off the automatic dmg
      if the box is highlighted yellow or you use right click instead of lef-click you will highlight the box to continuously auto atttack which is good for the shield duration and keeping your mana up in boss fights

      i've not had an issue with using flame burst then the other fire spells because there's a nice little animation cast time before you use the automated auto attack....
      i'd suggest just being faster with your rotations, because having auto atk off is really hurting your mana pool and shield duration
      and that's free damage when you have to run around and dodge telegraphed attacks in dungeons or pvp

      also the fire gauge thing makes your next fire spell crit so you're not losing much if you miss with an auto attack
      my squad going into pvp :3
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