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Look for a party to play on Bless kr(eng patch)

    • Look for a party to play on Bless kr(eng patch)

      Hi guys,
      I and my friend started yesterday to play on Bless kr eng patched and I noticed that there're few players on the whole server :thumbsup:
      So, want anyone join our group and play with us?

      Thanks! :)
    • Hey, yeah i was about to start Bless KR as well but i heard everyone is in JP. Although I KR version has the option to reset skills unlimited times in the Rebuild version. Are you playing the rebuild? If you leave your in-game name I'll send you a pm when I am on. I don't know who else plays the KR version to be honest.
    • Honestly I and my friend don't play on JP version because we do not know how to bypass the JP captcha(we've already tryed with google draw translate but nothing) so we play on the KR version but there are few players. However my nickname in game is Overflow.
    • Not many people are on KR. It's unfortunate since overall the game is easier to play. JP captcha is hit and miss and takes a few tries to get but I can understand why it's a turn off.
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