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BLESS doesn't work as intended on 49-inch gaming screen

    • BLESS doesn't work as intended on 49-inch gaming screen


      Hey there,

      I just made a new setup and bought this little monster :

      Most MMO are working smoothly in full screen like TESO, WoW and BDO but BLESS isn't working as intended and here is an exemple of what I see :

      At first glance it may look normal but in fact what BLESS is doing is using a higher scale so graphics can fit all the length of my screen BUT at the expense of the height not showing what I'm supposed to see like everyone else on a more usual size :

      Here is what I should be supposed to see in terms of height, as you can see it is showing at least 20% more of height. So you may wonder how graphics could totally fit to my screen size without removing a part of the environment and in fact it's just supposed to stretch graphics on both left and right sides but it doesn't seem to work with BLESS.

      At the moment, the only temporary solution that I found is to play as shown in the second screenshot in 16:9 resolution (1920x1080) and of course half of my screen is filled with black strips on both sides. Is anyone else experiencing the same issue, do you have any idea on how to solve it ?
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      That's a pretty nice setup but I don't think Bless will work optimally on something like that. Right now they haven't done anything to increase resolution. But maybe in the future. You could suggest it but chances are not many run a rig similar to yours and 16:9/1920x1080 is pretty common.