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Download launcher JPN server crazy long

    • Download launcher JPN server crazy long

      So I have initiated the download (on launcher) and after 2 hours the download is 5% in. I have restarted multiple times and made sure I got off my VPN. I have a 600mb/ps up/download cable fibre connection. Is there anything I am doing wrong? shouldnt take days I reckon
    • As far as I'm aware there is no way to download outside of the launcher. I looked through the official website and found nothing of the sort to allow for direct download.
    • i'm having the same problem, but i think mine is worst. I'm dowloading right now the zip file of 20ish Gb and it'll take me 2 days rofl. Is there a way to increase the download speed: It seems like i can only download it using the vpn, so i assume the vpn is making my download way slower, and yes i'm using the fastest vpn connection, but i just wont go past 100kb per sec
    • You can turn off VPN for the download. You only need to have VPN to launch the launcher. Then turn it off and press the big button on the right to stop the download. Press it again to resume the download. It should be faster but nothing insane because of ping.