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Mystic + Paladin - Buffs

    • Mystic + Paladin - Buffs

      Which buffs do the Mystic and Paladin have for Party/Raid? I mean, something like Defence, Attack, Mag. Attack etc.? or Shield Buff etc.
      Are they short like OP buff for 10 seconds and cooldown for 2 minutes? Or normal buff with like 15 minutes to a person?
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    • If I remember well Paladin has an attack buff (last 25 seconds) and a deffense buff (last 10 seconds), both buff affect party member in the skills radio.
      Mystics has 2 auras, one increases party members' critical chance by 30% and the other one increases physical and magical armor by 30% for party members, both auras can be active at the same time I think. They consume mana over time but I think you can put a pasive skill or something like that that let you have keep most of your mana so you can have both auras up all the time, I have watched some videos where mystics do that.