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Changes to Trophies

    • Changes to Trophies

      To unlock your Class, Faction and Nation Trophy, click on your profile > Edit Profile and enter your Character Information.

      Character Lore Trophies
      Based on your Level, you now unlock Character Lore Trophies. You get your first 2 character trophy at Level 2 and then 2 more with every level. Every Character Lore trophy also has a short description.

      Devrim Hariel
      She is a Fedayin who has lived for thousands of years. Devrim studied the connections between world and dimensions. One day, she opened a door to another dimension which brought chaos and demons into her world, forced her and her species to escape to another world.
      El Niño
      The queen of the ancient Elven race that was revived in the present age with forbidden magic. She is very powerful, but lost all her memories and is confused about her identity.

      It can take a while until trophies will be assigned to your profile. (sorry for the trophy spam for high level members)