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Someone is manipulating your Poll-System!

  • No, is not required that why I gave you some examples about difference between premium and common player. Not all f2p game has premium option but there was the only ftp option in this survey (with premium service) and as you said before we are talking about bless.
  • Seems kind of funny that the person adamantly saying that the poll wasn't tampered with and that F2P was clearly the winner happened to join today and this would be their first thread to be so active in....not suspicious at all :whistling:
  • ReizoGames:
    Oh so i am that person you mentioned? Let me tell you, i dont have idea if that person or bot or whatever it was made the F2P vote bar get ahead. I voted F2P from my own laptop and the asked my brother to vote F2P from his own computer. Thats all, tell me now you blame me about being hacker bot/person for a vote poll. I was just checking every 5 minutes whats going on with the poll and i supposed F2P won the vote, and after a post here, the poll vanished and i got curious. Im also sorry about speaking my opinion (sarcasm).

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  • So much of Bless is reliant on good player population. I hope they realize this after KR & RU and choose the best monetization model to MAXIMIZE the number of players that will be able to play and stick to the game. The game lacks content variety and polish for a subscription model, buy to play is maybe an okay option as an MMORPG (if it is $5-$8 or so, definitely not more than what BDO cost initally), but free to play is still the best option, imo.
  • In my experience the people that play and stick to the game is the people that buy the game :P FTP games are often an in and out of players, besides all the bots and gold spammers everywhere that most of b2p games doesn't have. Also content variety and polish depends of the profits, so again I think that the game will have more of that with a B2P model.
    I agree with you that they price of the game should be cheap to attract a large amount of players. I wouldn't mind if the game turn up to be FTP if they manage to control bots, spammers and the p2w aspect in west (about pet RNG skills issue that Japan has) and in the future if they don't the profits they'd like...

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  • Finally someone who speaks, im not such an expert to hack a poll so F2P can win, as said from a person above who blames me(ReizoGames). I support F2P so i voted from my own computer and then told my brother to do so in his own computer. Just that, i wouldnt get so low to do such a thing as hacking -.- Hope ReizoGames gets his dislikes for himself.
  • So because you are only sixteen and are unable to have an income, does not mean that buy to play is not a perfectly fine way to do things. The current largest mmo's share in this. The reason free to play is likely a better option for bless is that the game has been delayed what, four years?? It likely will not have the player-base that other games have, it has been hyped and forgotten by most, it has failed twice already. For Bless to have the best possible chance it needs as many players to have access to the game as possible, as previously stated by Nocht. You can spin how great free to play all you wish, but I ask that you stop being disrespectful. You wish for this game to be free to play for all of the wrong reasons, it's not really Neowiz problem you can't afford to buy their game.
  • You said that it would be best if they had a lot of players, right? Do you think that having to buy the game would actually bring more players because i dont think so. If Neowiz made it as a F2P, people that are not available to buy the game e.g. me, would actually have a chance to play it, which means more players and pretty possibly more credits and fame. Isnt that what the game needs?
  • In this games particular situation. You are very manipulative to hear what you wish to hear. But as said previously, this literally boils down to you being sixteen, with no income, wishing to play this game. As said it does not matter on an individual basis if you could afford the game, which is why you wish for this game to be free to play. Had you had an income, able to purchase founders packs, and actual games, you would have a different opinion indeed. You are not seeing either side of this conversation, only that you wish to play. Basically, "Hello Neowiz, your game looks amazing, please make it free to play so that I can play." Both sides of this conversation have very valid opinions, and as I have said, the largest mmo's in the world have a buy to play model, they work just fine, just not so in Bless case. World Of War Craft, Black Desert, Guild Wars, Final Fantasy XIV. The game will most likely be free to play, as it has been previously every other region, quit whining like your sixteen, next you will be crying about founders packs ffs.
  • Amykari: Well, thats who i am, deal with it. You blame me for being a 16years old person who just cannot afford paying a game to play but, at the same time you should be ashamed as an adult American expressing youself with such horrible grammar. Darling, its not 'your sixteen', it is 'you're sixteen' *Blows you a kiss*