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The Japanese CashShop

    • The Japanese CashShop

      Just like in Korea, Europe and North America, Neowiz publishes the game itself in Japan, so we can get a little insight into the CashShop Items that might be available in the English version. The old Korean cash shop was already pretty fair compared to what other F2P games offer but also had some items that helped you progress faster. They have been removed with the Rebuild Version of Bless though.
      Current CashShop Items

      Pet Costumes

      Mount Costumes

      Other Items
      Experience Booster (+20% from hunting)
      Does not affect PvP experience
      Mount Experience Booster (+20%)
      Your mount levels while riding it.
      Mount/Pet Skill Changer
      Every Mount and Pet you tame has up to 3 Skills. With this Item they can be changed to whatever you like.

      Extra Skill Deck
      Skill Decks allow you to quickly swap between Skill Builds
      Skill Reset Scroll
      Allows you to reset your used skill points
      Memory Scroll
      Saves your current location, allows you to return to this place with a Teleport Scroll
      Holy Water
      Removes resurrection sickness
      Mount/Pet Stamina Recovery Food
      You can’t use your Mount and Pet for unlimited time. They either have to rest or you need Food(Can also be crafted)

      Inventory Expansion
      Gathering Tools
      Extra Character Slot
      Teleport Scroll
      Gear Repair Set
    • I play on the KR rebuild and have a few questions.
      Do pets still have the ability to give +336 defense, + 50%backwards movement, +physical attack/spell power, on the first 2 skills with a OP Fire attack with the 3rd skill?
      Are the pet reroll scrolls only aquired from the cashshop? Are they pure RNG on what you get when you reroll? Like on KR.
      How much do they cost in lumens and can you still sell in the auction house for huge gold gains?
      Does it still take upwards of 100 of said scrolls to sometimes get a "perfect" skilled pet?
      Have you ever fought a range character with a pet that lets them move backwards 50% faster... ?
      How much $ did it take to get a pet to do that... and is that considered P2W in a PvP game?
      Lastly before this comes to the NA/EU markets do you think pet buffs should be changed so they don't give advantages in PvP ?
    • Dontez wrote:

      Lastly before this comes to the NA/EU markets do you think pet buffs should be changed so they don't give advantages in PvP ?
      As soon as you can get extra stats like defense, Magic attack, Physic Attack, movement speed, buying enough pets or what ever is necessary to get those pets skills, it's P2W. Unless it's not that hard to get it without paying i guess, but one thing i remember from RU, it was really hard to get the right pet or mount without paying anything.

      Moving backwards 50% faster...WTF ? Giving defense or attack buffs is one thing but giving the ability to rangers to spam skills while moving backwards like a retard without any consequences is way to mutch i'm sorry...

      So yes, a big advantage for rangers in PvP theoretically, or at least for those who doesn't know how to kitt...
    • Tynix wrote:


      Small question about the cash shop.

      How is the costumes there? Lol.
      i couldnt really find anyone showing costumes and stuff.
      Also are there rng boxes with costumes?
      Costumes are hit and miss. There aren't really any that are very appealing, at least to me. There are no RNG boxes that I'm aware of. Costumes can be sold on the AH though.
    • seadragon121 wrote:

      Is there a place like Dulfy or some such website where we can go to check out the outfits/costumes for characters/classes?
      Nope. But having that option would be really cool. I can forsee there being a preview option in game though. Right now there isn't one and that is a bit of a problem for choosing what you want to buy.