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Language localization

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    • Language localization

      Hi all players and Admin of BLESS, this post is about the Italian community that would like the game translated into Italian.

      Clearly for many, even textual translation of the game would be very useful to appreciate the best that this fantastic game has to offer, such as the striking plot, dialogues between the npc etc.
      I would taken BLESS intrigued by its very action gaming dynamics, and also thanks to all its functions such as Commerce, Pve ...
      Not being great in English I can not really enjoy this game, as well as three other friends who have managed to buy the game but who for the same reason do not live with pleasure.

      What we want is that the game was translated into Italian.
      I'm not talking about dialogs or movies, but just the subtitles and of course the game menus, I think an Italian translation can please both the Italian players who have actually bought the game but above all those who for this reason did not Still done.
      And reading in the various forums is clear that many are pulled back because of the lack of a translation into Italian.

      With this I hope you will accept my request or even just evaluate the feasibility.
    • They did say more languages will be added on top of English, German and Russian, so you have a chance.

      Will wrote:

      Which languages will the game support?
      • The game is being localized into English, German and Russian for Early Access. We will continue to add languages during and after EA.

    • My suggestion would be to query them on steam. I can't guarantee a response but it's probably more likely than here. I don't know that Neowiz is responding anywhere though.