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December Update for Race/Classes

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    • December Update for Race/Classes

      From what it looks like, there is going to be a video shown on November 30th to give information about the big December update to include a race and a class. Sounds like it COULD be the Mascu and Ranger/Mystic, but this is not verified, I'm just going off of Chrome translation on the main site if anyone can shed more light on this.

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    • The mystic is really fun but need some corrections I think :

      - The mana cost skill is a major problem ... around 5-10% mana cost for most of skills instead of 1-2% for mage class
      With mage and paladin, u are never oom ... why mystic is the only class in Bless with ressource problem ?
      Forced to play with paladin gear for having more wisdom and regen for heal/buff spec :/
      And forced to play with the regen mana skill who take an "active skill slot" when others classes doesn't matter (or forced to take passive for reduced mana cost of aura skills)
      Despite the paladin gear and regen mana skill, mystic still cannot spam his skill in heal/buff spec (I speak for dungeon or mass pvp, when we aren't often in the "out of combat")

      - As there is 3 possible mystic specialty, each of the 3 different builds are almost fixed
      There is not really any diversity when u take each "must have"
      Where in mage, u will have several dps spec (single, ae, burst, instant, cast etc), in mystic u have different spec (dps, heal, buff) but not really different when u take one of this role

      The most common dungeon build was buff spec (with support heal)
      2 aura buff (no clic to do)
      1 rez (5minCD)
      1 speed attack buff (3minCD)
      1 heal group (10secCD)
      1 "auto-attack" skill
      1 dot skill (6secCD)
      1 free slot (prolly the single hot)
      So with this kind of spec, u can just spam auto-attack, single hot and a dot every 6sec and a group heal every 10sec :/ ... woot 4 skills "rotation" brainless

      Dps spec never change too :
      - 3 dot skill (or 4 sometime)
      - 1 ice skill
      - 1 dd bat skill
      - 1 regen mana skill
      - 1 hot (or 2nd hot skill instead of ice skill)
      - 1 auto-attack
      with old build version (and 8 slot) u cannot have longCD skill in a dps build, coz u dont have any free slot with the "must have"

      The healing spec si not as usefull as the others ... except 2-3 must have heal skills, there are too much healing skill (but beautifull animation), and u ll never be able to replace paladin on main party healer

      - Some skills have a too long CD ... 1minCD for a DD skill ... 3minCD for the speed attack buff ... 1minCD for the regen mana skill ... 45secCD for a speedrun buff ... 5minCD for rez
      I hope the 9th slot will bring more diversity (and the "simplification" for some skills like others class rebuild)
      They need to reduce some CD (like others classes), merge some skill and passive (aura + passive aura), merge some dot skills (4 dot skills ? come on), merge heal skills

      - The "auto-attack" is bullshit in any spec !!! (and very slow)
      U cannot have heal/buff core skill spec and keep auto-attack dps ... Forced to take a channel dps skill when u are in heal/buff spec if u want to help in dps without burn ure mana
      The "auto-attack skill" is the same in water (heal spec) or forest (buff spec) core skill ... so u cannot dps with it

      - The 2 "aura-buff" is awfull for lag
      The animation is nice but too big and useless except to have more lag in dungeon and mass pvp

      - Passive skill and reactive skill are not really attractive too
      Once we took the must have, the others are never used in any spec

      I play mage too, and I change my build almost every day ... in mystic, on RU version, once I was level 30 with all skills, I already had my 3 builds without any hesitation

      But the class was fine :thumbsup: ... just a little "boring" ... I hope it will not be worse after rebuild ^^
    • IM alil late to this party but man i cant wait for this vid :D I just wanna see some notes in general on the EU NA release so bad.

      Also quick question to Estekiwi, about the 45s CD on a speed run ability, how long does the speed run last? And the 1 min CD on a DD skill, how much damage does the skill do?

      Just asking as more and more to me Mystic looks fun to play. But may just end up sticking to a sin or archer haha
    • @STTero

      the +50% speedrun buff is a 10sec / 45secCD

      as the atkspeed buff 20sec / 3minCD

      I've played Aede on Aion and I like to be more "active" with my buff and attack/heal skill with less CD

      the 1minCD DD skill was not bad in terme of dmg, but not enough for 1minCD instead of our other DD skill on 14secCD ... 30secCD will be fine may be (like other big CD on mage with 30-40secCD)

      if we have more "free slot", we can take a 1minCD, but with the old build, all slot are already use
      In a mmo with all skills avaible, it would not be a problem ... but with a limited number of slots
    • That speed run buff doesnt seem to unfair to be honest, 10 seconds of your running speed at +50%. I think about it like this, after 10 seconds are up, you have 35 seconds left till you can use it again (i will be sorta implementing this in a pvp scenario as pvp is my thing). As you arent a tank that speed buff will not be used purely as engagement more in terms of kiting, so within that 10 seconds you will most likely have some cc skills ready for then to make some ground between you and the opponent. By the time you have finished a rotation of cc and DD you will maybe be down to 15,20or25 seconds left, in pvp that is not that long of time to wait in terms of kiting ready for your next rotation as ultimately you are just trying to outsmart and get the hits on the target first. However i think maybe drop the speed buff skill to 35 seconds and increase the movement speed to 75% would be nicer.

      Now the DD skill i will agree that CD is too long, (this is after watching some mage vs mystic) Mage even with the fire build is kinda OP against the mystic and the fire build makes mages just that much better.
    • Oops just I forgot to said that speedrun and atkspeed buff are group buff of course ;)

      The speedrun buff mostly used by carebear who want to avoid pk :thumbdown:

      But yeah just reduce a little bit some CD skill for more active situation
      Or for the 1minCD DD, had a hardCC if the CD is not reduce

      Generally mystic (and paladin/guardian) are strongest classes in duel, but we dont care about duel ;)

      One of major problem I forgot, it's in pvp, when ure ennemy use his shift skill, generally he purge all CC/debuff/dot, so all ure dots will be remove after shiftskill

      Like I've already said, shiftskill would be just a breakCC (+ little immuCC), the dmg would stay (burst or dot) and never give a immu dmg for Xsec ... or may be just a instant immu when u use the skill (against 1 burst, or 1 dot tic)