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Hello from Earthy [Sani]

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    • Hello from Earthy [Sani]

      Hello everybody,

      I'm Sani [Earthy], 29 years old and from Austria (sorry for my bad english :D ). My first MMO's were Conquer Online, followed by Rohan Vendetta (Blood Feud), Aion, Forsaken World, Guild Wars 2, Age of Wulin, Archeage, Black Desert, and currently I'm waiting for Star Citizen and Moonlight Blade !
      I also looked at other games like Blade & Soul, Riders of Icarus, Revelation Online and more, but they didnt keeped me playing very long ^^
      I'm currently playing GTA V Online, Conan Exiles, The Elder Scrolls Online, and many others for pastime and boredom ^^
      Other games like Rise of the Tomb Raider, Watch Dogs 2, Dying Light, Mad Max and Sims 4 are nice variety and pastime.

      I wish that i will play Bless Online for a long time like Archeage (played since the beta and then two years), Archeage has become very strong pay2win and thats why i quit it. In Bless, somehow i see ArcheAge WITHOUT pay2win, more beautiful world and nicer character models and . . . generally everything looks better ; D. I did not like it at the beginning but after the newest videos i really want to play Bless Online : D

      I am looking forward to a pleasant cooperation in dungeons and also in the open games world. I am also looking forward to a relaxed community : D
      Salute Earthy
    • Hello and welcome.

      The Bless English community is really relaxed even for a pre-west release compared to other MMORPG communities! Definitely can agree that everything "looks" better in comparison to ArcheAge. Character creation and world graphics are more impressive. That being said, I wouldn't go as far as to call it ArcheAge without pay2win. In comparison, Bless is miles behind in content quantity, freedom, optimization, and systems depth.