PVP Rewards Variety

    • PVP Rewards Variety

      1) Are there pvp mounts you can purchase with honor? (exclusives i guess like the Thunderdash in Archeage so people could look at me and go dayum that guy is kinda badass)

      2) Are there pvp titles that are gained through amount of kills and or matches done? (sort of like guild wars 2 achievements)

      3) Will there be any chance of PVP specific outfits/costumes that can be bought with honor only? (can't remember a game for an example at the moment haha maybe revelation online sorry if im wrong)

      4) I have yet to play Bless online yet, but how frequent are the faction wars/events? (is it something like an archeage timetable that you can look up)

      (edit) (5) Will we get runes on release?

      Im sorry if the questions are kinda basic, i just like games that reward pvpers and not only raiders. I enjoy old school WOW when you earnt a mount or weapon and people would look at you and think that guy is actually skilled at PVP or PVE.