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Original servers being deleted?

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    • Original servers being deleted?

      Hello I was wondering if anyone might have confirmation as to wether the original servers are being deleted so they can focus on the rebuild? Kayn mentioned this the other day and just wanted confirmation.
      "the proper korean server is going to be deleted, if you want to play on the KR rebuild server, follow this link"
    • I have a character on the original servers. The problem is I can't read the website. I don't think it's unlikely but from my experience games tend to keep the old servers up and simply merge the new ones into them.
    • yes i loged in today too . i m waiting to release the ranger class in the Rebuild server and then i will test again . That makes no sense to play one time in the old servers and the Rebuild . I played Assasin till 35 lvl on the old ones and Palladin till 43 to the Rebuild . I liked the Palladin but i didnt played a healer class in my whole MMO carreer so i will play Assasin or Ranger . I want to see if they will change things to the Archer because on the Russian version he was very weak at PVP
    • Yeah but the real issue is we don't have a definitive answer. Are they closing down the original servers? I find it strange considering that would delete all the original characters. From my experience beta characters are deleted and you have to start over for official release.
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