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Bless Online PvP (1v1) Tournament

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    • Bless Online PvP (1v1) Tournament

      Holding one of the first ever Bless PvP (1v1) Tournaments on KR Rebuild.

      The best PvPers will be competing for a nice cash prize (all my own money).

      BO is on a come-up. We need to bring people together and bring the fun to the game early on, and most of all, show people how this game really is.


      [REBUILD - KR] Server-Wide Tournament will begin on November 25th, 2017 at 7:00 PM EST
      Broadcasted at []
      Cash Prize (Must have PayPal - Goes Up With More Entrants)
      Single Elimination
      No Timed Item Buffs, Potions or Pets allowed. (come with nothing but your armor and weapon)
      Minimum Level 45 Required to Enter
      No Gearscore Requirement
      Must stay in line of sight of the broadcaster.

      Matches will be best of 3.
      The finals match will be best of 5.


      5 Participants - $150
      10 Participants - $250
      15 Participants - $300
      25+ Participants - $500

      Signup here:…aad80534860350e3b6d0/info

      Where and how will this work:

      - The tournament will be held at a random location/channel (TBD) and broadcasted at:
      - There will be 1 referee so please listen to his directions.


      - Bring potions (for after battle healing)
      - Don't be trash. Be on your A game.
      - NO items allowed during battle.

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