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dragon mount!

    • dragon mount!

      hi all im new to bless im lvl 22 i really want a dragon i have found some.. but there to high for me to knock there life down so i can tame it :( anyone willing to come along knock it down so i can tame it?? pleaseeee im in the wayven valley area waiting ill give 2mill or runes :) :love:
    • I don't think the flying dragons can be knocked out of the sky. There are dragons you can tame later but they aren't able to fly. Currently the only permanent flying mounts come from the cash shop but they aren't really needed. It's more of a convenience then necessity.
    • Knocking a dragon down would mean knocking a player down while he/she's trying to fast travel... So that's impossible.

      As for taming a dragon, I've found some of them (in the Rebuild though), but they were untamable (again, in Rebuild).
    • They might have changed that then. Because they weren't able to fly and Neowiz pretty much has designed most flying mounts as dragons. So it's sort of inconsistent.
    • it's better to have temporary flying mount (I had one in a chest for 24h)

      Flying mounts totally kill the wild pvp and the geographical configuration of maps

      Bless really has beautiful maps with many mountains and ravines, it would be a shame to miss that

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    • I've been waiting for this game to drop since 2012, i haven't tried playing on another server via vpn because i don't want to spoil the game for myself, one a person who once starts playing, commits to the server and community. Especially when the game is hopefully coming out next year. I'm expecting big things from this game! Really hoping they implement flying mounts in certain areas with beautiful geographical maps.
    • The game has flying mounts, it just has a really asanine way to obtain them and from what I know they aren't even permanent. Every flying mount I got was temp and was through a promotion. But it's not really needed. It's more convenience than anything else.