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    • Make sure you are using a South Korean VPN. There are multiple and not all of them work all the time. Soft ether is hit or miss but it's not bad considering it's free.
    • allyglng wrote:

      Please help me i am using softether VPN GATE but i can't launch the game through the homepage :( I really want to play the game even once before it came out on NA/EU. Please help me thank you so muchhhhh. :)
      Softether VPN Gate has never let me down, so can you be more specific what is going wrong (screenshot for example), what do you see or what messages do you get ?
    • You need to make sure you download both the bridge and the client or just install the add-on as an all in one. That's the easiest way to get Soft ether to work.
    • There are mutliple servers on Soft Ether. Sometimes they don't work but you just have to rotate through them until you find one that does.