Naval battle

    • Nothing close to ArcheAge naval combat. Combat in general is very different as well. Definitely slower, but fights are generally quicker. Rock, paper, scissors kind of deal in open world, battlegrounds is zerg, arenas are pretty good, but there is only one option which is 3v3.
    • Just coming up on this thread now . . . Do we have links to any released information on Naval Combat. Just so I can take a look see myself?


      Am I misreading Pentrep's response entirely?

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    • I remember that naval battle was one of the promised features in Bless Online, so I contacted Willsin (the project manager) and made him aware that community wants a sea themed expansion with the Siren race and naval combat, if Neowiz will add this feature after release, it will absolutely epic!

      Fingers crossed..... Let's hope they will hear our wishes ;)
    • Exactly Vega!

      The main thing that attracted me to Bless initially was it's potential to "expand" from the original game. Do we need Naval Combat right away? No, right now the "world" consists of a single continent where the races are butting heads in a land war. Once the expansions start growing the world and bringing other continents into play. Bring on the Naval Combat and Merchant Trading!! As the game grows, and they add additional features, it could really turn into something magical that evolved over time. I love those types of games. It makes them feel alive in a way.

      Now, when it comes to the races. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that we will see an NA/EU release with all races and classes, not just the ones currently listed. I hope . . . really hope . . . that we won't be waiting for the Iblis/Fedayin, Siren and Warlock until after launch. *crosses toes as well . . . just in case*
    • There was an article in early 2016 saying the game was going to have Naval combat. Currently I see no implication that this has any plans of being input. I think it's something they suggested as an addition to the Blazing Fire update but it never happened because the game had to focus on consolidating servers and population control overall. The game certainly does have ships but you can't do much with them other than use them for travel.
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      Fingers crossed..... Let's hope they will hear our wishes ;)
      Indeed! I'm not asking for AA naval activity, but I think the genre could learn from that game.
      To be fair, AA naval combat was kinda fun when doing kraken and all of a sudden ships go flying and AA becomes a new arc of peter pan.
    • Rift did it as well. Underwater combat is a small niche but for maybe role playing it can be fun. I remember in archeage and rift they had events just for underwater like collecting chests or killing sea creatures. Plus lets be fair owning your own galleon was cool :D
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      I wouldn't count on it since swimming is hit and miss in the game. They'd have to fix swimming before they implement underwater content. They did mention sea battles early on but never really elaborated on it so I'd assume they abandoned the idea now.
      I will cry if they abandoned the idea, if they wanna compete on the open world MMOrpgs without loading screens they gotta have some naval battle. Content wise its enjoyable no matter how poorly its done, for role players they can be pirates, actually being a pirate and killing others is fun, having your guild on multiple ships firing cannons is also super fun, just sailing around feeling free is super fun, building your own ship (how archeage did it) is super fun. I dont mind if they save it as a content release later on as an expansion but i duly hope they have not abandoned the idea, it adds so much to the game, trolling included ;) I am a huge pvper, and its always nice to have a range in the battlefield to where im killing other players (sea, on the deck of a ship included). For example if you tire of fishing on land or tire of walking around exploring and want a scenery change that isn't generic desert, then the sea is a great option especially fishing on a boat you made, listening to music and either (like archeage) fishing for sport rewards or to earn some extra gold.