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Wanting to create a new KR Server English Patch

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    • Wanting to create a new KR Server English Patch

      All of the English patches I've seen skip a lot of translation material, like item names.

      Despite the western release, I'd like something to play in the meantime so I'm planning on coming up with a more complete English patch for playing on KR.

      The reason that I made this thread is that I'm just curious how many people would be interested in such a thing.

      (Also another reason that I am doing this is because I still want to play the game in case of something like the incident with Revelation Online.)

      Thanks! :thumbsup:
    • Good luck. Just keep in mind there are currently two separate patches right now. One for rebuild and one for the regular server. It's a win lose situation either way since no one knows what they are going to keep or toss. I personally prefer the regular patch but many people like the rebuild one.
    • You can work with Weakdayz on the english patch. He has personally added way more content on the english patch for the rebuild server for our guild, but decided to let everyone else use it. He will be posting the english patch in the bless-discord and you can give him a PM on there. So if both of you work together, you can get way more translated. I believe he has been working on crafting materials currently and got most of them translated.