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A simple question put the community on naming conventions.

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    • A simple question put the community on naming conventions.

      I'll start out with my basic thoughts on the current naming system in the game. With one word naming conventions it really is a let down. The character creator is so advanced that you can spend hours tweaking for just the right look for your character. But once this goes live in the west you'll then be forced to pick from a group of names (if you're lucky) that you never wanted. Currently on the rebuild server it is very easy to get a desirable name. But once it goes live in the west any name worth having will be gone within the first few hours. For me spending 2 hours creating the perfect character only to give them a name that I can't stand is a royal let down. I'm not sure if the current game engine would support it. But I would love to see two word name conventions in this game.

      I've played several games with two word naming conventions. (The first one that comes to mind is FFXIV.) The only naming problem that I have ever had there is dreaming up a good name. I have yet to run into anyone playing one that ever felt forced to pick a undesirable name. So my question is how many of you would be in favor of two word naming conventions for Bless? I guess we can call it a vote of sorts. My vote is definitely for two word naming conventions. Chime in and who knows maybe we'll get lucky and the right eyes will see it.

      Elias Grimm
    • Account wide last name + character specific name. This system allows a lot more flexibility than just single word name with letting players choose the name they desire without it being taken. It's always been my preference for MMORPGs. Choose an account wide name before starting the game, then choose a character specific name every time a new character is created.
      Like.. Tree of Savior.
    • I actually don't love the idea of an account wide last name. I tend to pick my names to be very, VERY lore friendly to the race I am playing and unique to each new game I play. An account wide name would look stupid if I had alts that were different species, and it would drive me insane. That said, I don't mind it as an option, but I prefer just two names in the main character creation menu as that way I can tailor my names to the specific race of that particular character, or choose to use only one name if I wish. I tend to spend hours creating names, and I never really run into that "that name has been taken" scenario, but I can understand why it's frustrating for those that do.
    • Sorry, Nocht, I'm with Nayu on this one. My (eventually, hopefully) pantera guardian won't be related to my -- oh, Habicht mystic -- by anything more than the fact that I play them. While I like last names because you can make siblings (with another player/s) or a family or clan with members of a guild, I don't like being shoehorned into an account wide last name.

      I like the idea of added depth with the two name option. If it's there, I'll take advantage of it. If not, I won't mourn it.
    • You guys are right and I agree with those points. I didn't think about how it affects characters of different races. Account wide last name would not work in Bless. :P It's my preferred system for other games though, just was always a much easier process with less disappointment of "that name has been taken".
    • I assume whenever the do beta in NA/EU they will do founder packs. I imagine they will allow name reservations either through that or participation in the beta itself.