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A Repost on the current rebuild taming system from the old board

    • A Repost on the current rebuild taming system from the old board

      I'm not fond of rants. But as I am told the developers actually read here I'm going to brake my own habits for once. Bluntly put for me the new taming system is a deal breaker. It's a pure reflex twitch fest. Tonight with massive luck I got 3 out of 4 and that still wasn't enough to tame. Not everyone out there has fast reflexes, Furthermore reflexes are not skill. You are either born with them or your not. Yes you can do exercises to help them somewhat. But if you started out with horrible reflexes, you aren't going to make the NBA line-up this year. I am one of those unlucky souls born with horrible reflexes. For me this so called fix means that something touted as a core ingredient of the game will be totally pointless.

      I'm not saying make it mindless. I regularly play Riders of Icarus. So I am used to taming taking some skill. But there it is not a twitch fest. The system requires some thought and skill. Even with poor reflexes, with a sane amount of effort you can be a highly competent tamer there. This system is purely the reverse. If your reflexes aren't good enough to hit the bar, "tough luck chuck." To add insult to injury the scrolls to do so require crafting.

      I have followed this game since it's earliest days. I have played in both the Korean and Russian beta tests. I have long been looking forward to this game. I can remember when it was being sold as a game where to a large extent you made your own story. I have been around to see that largely not come to pass. But the story behind the game was still one of the best that I have seen so I stayed. I watched as the Russian server closed and they lost their western distributer and, still I stayed. But now they have taken what was being left as one of the core points to the game and made it something I simply cannot do. I played through all the complaints and still looked forward to it. But for me this may be the bridge to far.

      I cannot magically become coordinated in a way that I have never been in this life. I'm actually at a age where what little I had is on the down hill. I really hope they take a look at other taming systems out there before enacting the current system. I realize for those with at least decent reflexes it won't have a major impact. But for those like myself it may well become the straw that brakes the camels back. For now I will continue testing on the rebuild server. I'm honestly hoping to be able to enjoy this great game in it's western release. But if the system remains in it's current form I just can't see myself staying for long.

      P.S. To end on a more positive note, to those not trying the rebuild server do so. It really does make a positive improvement in the game. The quests are now streamlined to work cleaner within the main story. The combat is cleaner. The character creation is much better. In general it is a nice positive step forward. Like I said I like the game. I just don't like things designed for only one group of people.

      P.P.S.S. I reposted this on the new board at the suggestion of a member on the old board. To those that have already seen it my apologies. But their suggestion did strike me as a good idea. So here we are again.

      Elias Grimm
    • They will probably change the taming system again. If I'm not mistaken they have already. I haven't tried taming on Rebuild yet but I think they changed it in season 2 by streamlining the materials required in order to tame. I believe they are still working on the mechanics of it.
    • Are you on Rebuild or the actual KR server? I've never seen anything like this on the standard server and it doesn't sound likely they'd add a minigame to the taming system.
    • Hi is playing onto the rebuilt server.

      I understand that is a little bit hard for some people. In my point of view it isn't hard for nomal taming. There is a lot of time. Only if you try to tame a mini boss or you get a pet with is starting with lvl 10 the speed is higher. This is the frist time I heard such problems. It is a new behavior ... the old one was easy of course but also defently boring. And all players I know said it is o.k.. It is a little challange :D .
    • Yeah taming scales as you go up. There are different level scrolls for taming now. The max is purple and the minimum is green. There are even mini games with taming, but the core mechanic really hasn't changed. I'm pretty sure they will at least streamline it, because it's currently really clunky.