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BLESS test client transfer?

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    • BLESS test client transfer?

      ok, I was expecting a client installer executable after the download of the test client rebuild... but I noticed that after a successful download I got already an extracted game folder of bless test rebuild... the 18GB hashfile automatically erased after installation of 38GB client. The problem is that, I downloaded the rebuild game on the office... Is there a way to make this work if I transfer this extracted game on my own HDD at home? help?
    • anyway... after so much thinking.. hours and hours of trying... I found out the answer to my own questions...

      Transfering the game to other drives without re-downloading the whole freakin' game...

      so, if you already have the extracted game and want to transfer it to another drive or computer somewhere... here's how to:

      if you installed it on another computer. look for the registry keys.\


      export this key and before merging it to another computer, you must edit first the location of the install path on the registry key.

      Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00
      "InstallPath"="I:\\offline\\Bless_ReBuild" <--------- This one. Edit it to your location of your choice.

      save. and merge!

      now you are done! start the game on the webpage!
    • welcome... probably this can be also applied to the LIVE game clients if someone would like to test this process... cause I saw the keys on registry, there are 2 list, one for the live client and one for the rebuild.
      you only need to export the whole NEOWIZ regfile and merge it on other PC. Just make sure to edit the install path before merging it...

      hope this helps in the future. :)