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Rebuild Test Server Patch Notes (17/08/2017)

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    • Rebuild Test Server Patch Notes (17/08/2017)

      The Companion Update

      Other post about this update with more info: Rebuild Test Server - First major update arrives on August 17th

      Server downtime: KST 14:00-16:00 (Finished)

      [New Content Added]
      - Companion leveling/enhancement system has been added.
      > You can increase your level by using your ride or pets as material.
      (The maximum possible level between the material and the main companion differs depending on the grade.)
      > Up to 5 companions can be registered for each enhancement.
      > You can gain more experience when you try to strengthen with auxiliary items such as growth elixirs. Up to 3 elixirs can be registered at the time of reinforcement.

      < Let's level up quickly! >

      - Revamped companion upgrade(regrade) system has been added.
      > You can try to upgrade your pets/mounts/servants grade when you feel like your companion has reached its maximum.
      However, the number of upgrades/regrades are limited, so keep that in mind.
      > Companions of the same grade can be registered as upgrade materials.
      If you use the same grade as the upgrade target, the chances will increase.
      > You can also use auxiliary items here to increase chances, just like leveling companions, the limitation is up to 3 auxiliary items per attempt.
      > In case of a successful upgrade, the companion can acquire new skills and will be changed to a higher grade.
      > Even if you fail to upgrade, your companions or upgrades will remain unchanged and your chance for a successful upgrade at the next try will increase. (Just like failstacks on Black Desert Online)
      - In case of a failed upgrade, the companions used as upgrade materials will be destroyed.
      - If you fail to upgrade to legendary, you will not get failstacks.

      < Try to upgrade only the highest level companions >

      - Miscellaneous Companion systems that has been added
      > You can increase the available upgrade count on mounts. (Just like breeding reset items on Black Desert Online)
      (However, there is a limit to the number of times you use stimulant items.)
      > You can now restore the fatigue of companions.
      > Mounts require dry food to recover fatigue.
      > Pets can recover their fatigue through canned food.

      < Keep in mind the number of times you can try to upgrade is limited >

      - Companion Skill Change system has been added
      > You can change the skills acquired by your companions using the skill change scrolls.

      - Companion Trading and Sealing system has been added
      > In order to seal pets and mounts, you will need sealing containers/boxes.
      > It will store the pet/mount's grade, level and skills.
      > You can only seal companions that you have in your own companion storage. You can't seal companions right away when taming them.
      > Sealed companions can be traded with other players or through the auction house.
      (However, trading/selling the sealed companions is not possible yet, there will be an update later on that will enable this.)
      > The prices of the stored companions are fixed and shown on the sealed pet/mount.
      You can not change the prices on companions, it is calculated according to pet level, grade and skills.

      <If you have taken good care of your companion it might worth a lot, seal it and sell it >

      - Training level has been added
      > Each time you try to tame companions, you acquire trainer experience and
      if taming is successful, more trainer experience will be gained.
      > Training levels are ranked as following: Trainee > Beginner > Skilled > Professional > Master
      > The higher level your training is, the more benefits you get such as:
      - Increase the chances of special taming
      - Decrease difficulty on companions to be tamed
      - Increase the number of possible upgrades on companions and have more companion storage space. (You start off with 40 and can get up to 200 slots)

      <You can get a lot of benefits if you raise your training levels >

      - Companion costumes have been added
      > You can now disguise your summoned mount/pet with a different companion's appearance.
      > You can equip costumes on your character profile, one slot for each type of companion: Ground mount, Flying mount and Pet.

      - Companion drops have been added
      > Instance dungeons have been changed, you can no longer tame companions in there.
      > Instead of taming, you can acquire the companions as lootable items with variable chances to drop.

      - Before you tame a monster, you will see an icon that tells you in advance what type of companion you will get.
      > When targeting a monster, you can check its type on the left of the monster's health bar at the top.

      - Advanced Anima fragments crafting have been added
      > If the attempt to shape Anima fails, you will acquire anima fragments.
      > Players with Enchanting profession can craft companions using 10 pieces of anima fragments.

      [ Lumena Shop Changes ]
      - Items removed:
      > Restorer x100
      - Added New Items to the shop:
      > Companion related items have been added to the Lumena Shop
      Items related to customizing companions
      - Royal Alchemist Costume (Flying mount)
      - Ducky(?) Costume (Ground mount)
      - Sunflower Costume (Pet)
      Items related to leveling up companions added
      - Low Growth Elixir
      - Intermediate Growth Elixir
      - Advanced Growth Elixir
      Items related to grading companions added
      - High Potential Blessing Powder
      - Rare Potential Blessing Powder
      - Heroic Potential Blessing Powder
      Auxilary items related to upgrading/grading companions added
      - Small Upgrade Stone
      - Intermediate Upgrade Stone
      - Advanced Upgrade Stone
      Items related to changing skills on companions added
      - Rare Grade Skill Change Scroll
      - Heroic Grade Skill Change Scroll
      - Legendary Grade Skill Change Scroll
      Items related to sealing companions added
      - High-grade Sealing Box
      - Rare Grade Sealing Box (Mount)
      - Heroic Grade Sealing Box (Mount)
      - Legendary Grade Sealing Box (Mount)
      - Advanced Sealing Box (Pet)
      - Rare Grade Sealing Box (Pet)
      - Heroic Grade Sealing Box (Pet)
      - Legendary Grade Sealing Box (Pet)

      - Newly added items will be sold for 1 lumena for smooth testing.

      [ Bug fixes ]
      - Fixed an issue with the companion window where the companion was shown outside of the window.
      - Some issues regarding Enchant profession were fixed.
      - Fixed an issue where the 'Cancel Changes' button did not work in the Skill Information window.
      - Fixed an issue that the 'Save' button was active even when there were no changes in the Skill Information window.
      - Fixed an issue where the skill in the 9th slot couldn't be used.
      - Fixed an issue where the registered skill was not changed when dragging and dropping another skill in the slot.
      - Fixed an issue where players could register the same skills onto more slots.
      - Fixed an issue where skill points remaining after clicking the Change button after acquiring new skills from the Skill Information window were not reduced normally.
      - Fixed an issue that did not show the skill description when hovering over the skill in the usable slots on Skill Information window.
      - Fixed an issue where there was no notification of the changes being lost when closing the window with K or ESC keys.

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