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Performance improvements for Bless Online

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    • Performance improvements for Bless Online

      I think it's time to discuss on how to increase performance before the western release, so I'm gathering all the improvements that tools such as FPS Fix and Bless Glowing Mods have made for Bless Online.
      I really hope Neowiz will add these improvements directly in-game so we can have a decent performance without using external tools, however these changes will help you to have more FPS but won't stop a mysterious memory leak that happens after some hours of gameplay, this issue needs further investigation by Bless developers.

      *** BLEngine.ini ***

      bShouldLogStatsData=False <------------ add it on line 241

      PhysXGpuHeapSize=64 (these balance physx calls even on cpu based physx titles)


      DisableATITextureFilterOptimizationChecks=False (driver optimization check is much faster, so it's better to NOT disable it)
      UseMinimalNVIDIADriverShaderOptimization=False (same as above)

      PoolSize= X ( X is based on your GPU Total Memory: 512, 1024,2048,3072, 4096 etc)
      MemoryMargin=256 (or GPU Total Memory / 4, however it's better to not exceed 768 MB)

      ThreadedShaderCompileThreshold=4 (based on the number of your physical processors, if you have i3 = 2, while i5 or i7 = 4)
      MotionBlur = False

      *** BLSystemSettings.ini ***

      Note: when you see (multiple lines) it means that you can edit with Notepad++ using Ctrl+H and Replace All

      Short Tutorial for Notepad++:

      - Ctrl + H
      - Find what: Distortion=True
      - Replace with: Distortion=False
      - Click on Replace All

      Distortion = False (multiple lines)
      DynamicShadows=False (multiple lines)
      LightEnvironmentShadows=False (multiple lines)
      FogVolumes=False (multiple lines)
      StaticDecals=False (multiple lines)

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    • Right now the single biggest issue for this game is optimization and loading. This was a huge complaint in RU and still is for both JP and KR. Half the problem is the open world issue the other half is the outdated engine they are using. They could probably upgrade to Unreal 4 but I'm not sure they would at this point.
    • Hi Pentrep,

      Hmmm ... UE3 isn't outdated. It one of the best for MMO.

      I heard NEOWIZ have a plan to switch to UE4 (related to client for the console may be) BUT .. UE4 was never plan to use it in MMO's. So, if they want to use them they have to do the same like the developers for AoC (Ashes of Creation). Because they want to use it also ... and also the say the have a lot of thinks to do to use UE 4 in an MMO. We will see. At the moment for myself I have no problems with UI.

      Best regards
    • Really? I thought it would be a problem based on my experience with BNS, which also uses an older engine. BNS is also much older and had existed in KR longer before release in the west than Bless has. I had thought it might be to blame for optimization issues. It isn't so much a UI issue as it is with optimization in general. From my experience the game tends to get overloaded quite easily, but that might be ping. I'm not sure since I've heard about optimization issues across all three clients, so it was just an assumption that was the cause.
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