Queries on Bless Online

    • Queries on Bless Online

      Hi Guys,

      I am new here so pardon me if i may sound rude, i just want an honest opinion from Bless Online players. I've looked at reviews on youtube how Bless Online made to top 10 mmorpg list and i am interested to play the game. As the game is being rebuilt, I'm just curious, i am a Black Desert Online and Guild Wars player and i have been searching a mixture of those two games, good graphic with good combat system and lots of good group activity in game (dungeon etc). BDO's graphic and combat system is one of mmorpgs top contender but it lacks group activity, pretty much you can solo it until you hit the soft cap. whilst Guild wars delivers fun group activities, but the graphic and the combat system keeps pulling me away from playing GW for a long time. So my question is, how do you rate this game in terms of those three things (graphic, combat system and group activity)?

      Your opinion is much appreciated and thank you in advance!
    • Hey mate!

      It depends how the end product will look. In the Rebuild Version Dungeons are easier , but the combat is better (at least assasin i can confirm it here ) and the Questing is more challenging. If they put all changes in the game they want to , the game can be pretty good.

      In KR Dungeons are harder i would say at least at the level of Elder Scrolls Online Vet Dungeons if you know that game or World of Warcraft Mythic Dungeons (Low Mythic). Some Bosses are easy , some are challenging as in every other mmorpg. But the level is a little easier and the combat is slower / boring

      Black Desert Online is (for me) a stupid graphic imposter and has nothing to do with a good mmorpg (But maybe im to used to the Standard MMORPG genre).

      But back to your question: In GW2/Black Desert you have not real questing, in Bless you need to do at least the Main Quest (some skills are unlocked here / not sure if it still is in the Rebuild Version) but fear not the MQ is really good for MMORPG Standard (I would say not as good as Star Wars the old Republic , but it can hold is own against Elder Scrolls Online).

      So for a final answer it is to early , we need to see which road they want to go with the game. Just stay a while here and follow the posts from us guys who test the Rebuild Version , or join the testing fun!

      Best regards!