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Worth the wait?

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    • Worth the wait?

      Hey everyone, I recently chanced upon this game and it turned out to be the dream mmorpg game that i've always wanted, However, as everyone knows, this game is not released to the west yet, which is really unfortunate for me as I'll be really busy in a 14 months time, and that's why I'm looking for the last, and the best, f2p mmorpg experience for me to make the most out of my remaining time. Given the limited time I have left, is it worth waiting and betting everything on bless online's release or should I go for another game? I haven't played this game but I know for sure that it will be best one yet, so before I make my decision, I really hope that I can hear some of your opinions, as well as accurate estimations of the release date if possible. Thank you for reading.

      Edit: I do know that I can use VPN to play this game, but I'm hoping to experience the best side of bless online. With that said, it would be optimal to wait till release, but whether I have the time to wait or not, is my largest worry.

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    • Dude, I have played in RUS beta server and before the rebuild I was already very happy with the game...
      Its the mmo we are all waiting for...
      It has everything... Dungeons, PVP open world, good graphics, Pets and mounts and u can enjoy also just hunting mobs.... It really has everything we are waiting... Unfortunatelly is taking a LONG time to release... Anyway, BLESS is worth waiting for... But I would play other games while BLESS is not released because u never know what is going on... Maybe they cancel again, cant thrust these guys anymore...
    • Nocht wrote:

      It'll be a long wait til a western release. Might as well find one that's actually playable now.
      not to mention you are always playing a really up to date version and not a "let's hold back 2 classes at release so we can sell it off as content later on" version (looking at you archeage). And with the ENG patches it kind of works.
    • Agree it's better late than never, but I hope they don't take too long, like what happened with ArcheAge and Blade & Soul. Also how many servers will the game launch with? I hope it will be as few as possible because there's nothing worse than an MMO having to merge servers three months after launch.
    • I can't say if the game is worth the wait or not, because I have yet to experience some aspects of it. So far, it seems very... basic, though.

      I am however very scared by the general lack of enthusiasm this game seems to be generating. I know there isn't much to talk about yet, and that we probably won't be able to play it on NA/EU servers until a year or more, but I kind of expected people to be a little more excited about it. :(
      Please excuse the bad Engrish. I'm still learning !
    • Many people have already been waiting for 3 or more years for Bless to be released, they have kind of given up on it. Neowiz should've started on the rebuild version years ago when the major complaints first surfaced. By the time it does launch in NA/EU there will only be a handful of people playing it unless there is a massive marketing campaign.
    • I think it's worth waiting for. Even on the original client it was pretty good. Optimization is probably the biggest issue but I think that's mostly because they are using an outdated Engine. There's a rumor they might upgrade the graphics system from Unreal 3 to Unreal 4 but it might not be realistic considering the money Neowiz needs to invest in order to fix the perceived problems.
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