Updated Combat System Feedback Thread

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    • Updated Combat System Feedback Thread

      Updated Combat System

      -New fighting BGM
      -Combat is much faster now
      -Faster skill channeling time
      -Skill cooldowns have been removed or lowered
      -Updated hit sound and visual effects
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      1. Assassin's Stealth Skill
      it is abit silly right now , as you need to face away from enemies(mobs) prior using it? If any mob is 'targeted' when you press the skill you will do an auto-attack thingy that displaces you out from stealth*

      2. Issues With Action Mode/Combat System
      Aside from Berserkers (Berserkers is <3), i feel that all other classes suffers from the 'combat system' in action mode , especially when targeting mobs :) that may have a higher priority , if you decide to pull more ~ (P.S this is an opinion)

      3 Issues With Action Mode/Combat System In Healing (cont)
      Paladins may have an issue in healing party members when they are in midst of an engagement? as there isn't a feature(keybind) that allows you to target your party members that are persistent* (meaning it will not swap to mobs near the party member due to LOS) , maybe they should include a party members only 'targeting' mode?

      hopefully this is the right place to share ~ (apology if this is wrong place)

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