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    • Astarte wrote:

      They changed only zerks combat?
      I tried guardian and I could say it was the same
      i heard mage has some changes in terms of skill cooldowns as well, but still early to tell what they changed with everything yet, a lot of the new updates are not in the test server yet.
      wait a few days for people to fiddle with the classes, then we'll know what happened to each one.

      my girlfriend and I are testing Paladin and Berserker, so will report on changes to those sometime.
    • Some basic info for you folks who are joining today or later.

      Rebuild Test Server Details
      > Highest achievable level is 37.
      > Available races: Habichts, Lupus, Sylvan Elf, Amistad, Panthera, Aqua Elves
      > Available classes: Mage, Berserker, Guardian, Paladin, Assassin
      > Seems like only Berserker, Mage and Assassin got their rework yet, other class reworks are on their way(or have some minor changes applied only)
      > Available dungeons:
      Lv 13. Valmont's Dungeon / Giscar's Hideout
      Lv 22. Remains of the Sleeping Scales / Mausoleum of Sapiens
      Lv 31. Uru Tooth Mine
      Lv 37. Kobold Hideout
      > Contents that are unavailable right now:
      Cash shop, Currency extraction, Currency conversion, King's Quest, Map is incomplete(?), Goverment Contracts, Capital Conquest, Castro Siege, Guild vs Guild, Raid, Lumina charging


      - If you create a character on the Rebuild Server, 1400 Lumena will be provided to you in the mailbox the day after the creation day, once per account
      - If multiple characters are created at the time of delivery, they will be delivered to the mailbox of the highest level character
      - If there are several characters with the highest level , they will be provided to the mailbox of the earliest character
      - If the character to be provided is deleted at the time of delivery , Lumena will not be sent.

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    • ruoruoxue wrote:

      is this where we post our findings?

      1. Assassin's Stealth Skill
      it is abit silly right now , as you need to face away from enemies(mobs) prior using it? If any mob is 'targeted' when you press the skill you will do an auto-attack thingy that displaces you out from stealth*
      One of the feedback threads here should be what you're looking for: Rebuild Test Server
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      lVleyer wrote:

      Ok awesome i want to play this game and nothing holds me because of it...I'm so bored. I want Classic Lineage 2 but feel this can finally replaced the Lineage 2 craving. Is there any timeline?
      There is no timeline. Well..

      Rebuild testing is now -> Rebuild changes go to KR live servers
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