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Rebuild Project Announced

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    • Rebuild Project Announced

      It’s probably not a secret anymore that Bless is in a pretty bad state. However, the developer, Neowiz Bless Studio, is not giving up and promises many changes to improve their game. Bless is still a fun MMO with a lot of potential, but yes, it needs some changes. Neowiz will announce more on July 25th, but here is what Neowiz plans to change:
      3 Main Objectives to work on:
      -Examining the game systems and framework thoroughly
      -Not afraid of abandoning the current game structure and rebuilding it from scratch
      -Adding new contents
      Character growth:
      -It’s hard for players to feel the changes even when they equip new items
      -Players can barely feel the change after enhancing their gear
      -It’s difficult for players to enhance the items
      -There many skills for a class but they fail to interpret a class’ unique characteristic and identity
      -Too many inefficient techniques for a class
      -Battle is frustrating
      Mounts and pets:
      -Mounts, pets and servants lack of variety
      -There’s no reward from investing into mount / pet progression
      -The training gameplay is not fun
      Gathering and crafting:
      -A lot of crafting products are useless
      -Too many weird and useless materials and it’s hard for players to gather what they want
      UI and user experience:
      -The UI isn’t good enough help players to understand and play the game
      A test server will go live in Korea soon to text the new changes. We will let you know when there are more news.

      In other news, we can confirm that there is a new North American and European Project Manager and Neowiz plans to publish the game in the west. They even consider releasing it on Steam as an Early Access title as we suggested before on our fansite. We know waiting so long is frustrating, but if Neowiz solves the issues listed above Bless could become one of the best and most fun MMOs of all time.
    • sEEEEb wrote:

      So +2 more years until we can expect a sneak peek in EU/NA? Half Life 3 is going to come out earlier than Bless :P
      I think they are already done with most changes. They said there will be a testserver soon where you can test everything new.
    • Like everything i'm reading except abandoning everything and rebuilding from sctratch.... the framework is there... they just need to build upon it...
      hope i can enter the test server
      my squad going into pvp :3
    • This is super exciting!!
      If they will be putting out a test server in the near future, we will be in good shape. I'm glad they are acknowledging these issues and seem determined to improve their game.
      Aside from these things though, I really hope they finally release the Warlock and missing races (which I know they have been working on). They've been hyped for too long and really need to be released. I can understand waiting to release the new class till after the new animations and combat are finished, but regardless - it needs to happen.
    • This is good news as far as i can see, i congratulate Bless for stepping up and owning their stuff now lets hope they can deliver these claims and spring into the western market.. steam to be specific.. and its better for them as themselves to publish the game instead of having a backer this way it will be easier for them to make game updates and solve user issues instead of having to lay the burden to users of sending tickets to the publisher which most likely wont ever listen cus their just in it for the cash.
      My name? is Iori Namagashi... and when im done... This World Shall Know Pain :blesspassion: :blesscry: :blessfight:
    • I really hope this time Neowiz will rework Dungeon system in the proper way because low-level dungeons are basically dead and new players won't be able to gear up and compete with veterans if they don't find enough people to help them.
      Last year we suggested that Bless needs a system similar to Final Fantasy 14 where veterans are rewarded for helping new players in the low-level dungeons
    • vegax87 wrote:

      xDrac wrote:

      Good news, but I'm not sure how much longer most people are really willing to wait.
      They don't have enough time, hopefully before the end of the year or before the release of AoC (Dec 2018)

      Hi vegax87,
      about AoC, at the begin of the croudfunding I was with the people the pay 400 $ to have an early access. But I have missunderstood and I canceld it after 2 days. For me I understood the release will be in Dec2018, but this isn't !
      The early access is Dec 2018 ... the official realease will be E2019 / A2020 may be.

      About BLESS:
      Thanks to Furia to post this important information to the BLESS base. This sounds good ... and of course I will join the test server from the begin !
      Btw. I hope the language files are open to modify further. We has spend the time for a translation in German language during the time onto the Russian
      servers. Was a funny work.

      CU all onto the test server ! :) :) ;) 8o
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