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LF Herion Guild in KR Server

    • LF Herion Guild in KR Server


      I am playing Bless all alone and dont understand korean at all. Im very lonley X( Was wondering if there was a guild on the KR server, there is only 1 server. I am on Herion Faction.
      My IGN: 베어리 (Its korean because I wanted to blend in)

      Please adopt me >.<

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    • Hey everyone first time posting, and playing.
      I was looking to get into a guild.
      Faction: Union
      Race: Mascu
      Class: Berserker and (either guardian or priest also still testing those two)
      Server: Only one was available
      IGN: Zarcoft

      As of Monday Oct 02, 2017 @ 2255 est, I'm in game if I can get an invite tonight would be great! :D :D
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