Pinned Official Bless-Source English Patch

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    • Official Bless-Source English Patch

      Hello everyone,

      We have been updating the English patch on a daily/weekly basis for KR-Bless privately but decided to release it to the public for everyone to use. Once the japan version comes out, we will also be making some changes and updating that version as well, so players can have a easier time at understanding the text. This is a clean version, meaning no strings attached or any unnecessary text.

      KR-Bless English Patch:!78pxwTRR!3w-7iGDVfADrl6yXzIAIYQ

      How to update the english patch:
      Step 1: Download the English Patch above.
      Step 2: Copy the KOR folder from inside it.
      Step 3: Go to where you installed the Bless folder. Then click on BLGame--->Localization---> And paste/replace the KOR folder.
      Then you are all done!

      Latest version Patch Notes at bottom
      Note: Patch Versions are based on date.

      Fixed all missing strings
      No more errors
      Added all dungeon names
      Removed useless translations
      Fixed some Assassin skill translations
      Fixed some Berserker skill translations

      Version 05.14.17:
      Legendary sets updated
      Newest pets/mounts translated
      Updated Zeeto’s Lab quests
      Fixed some more Assassin skill translations
      Fixed some more Berserker skill translations
      Fixed some Ranger skill translations

      Version 05.17.17:
      Mount translations updated
      Mob/Enemy translations updated
      NPC translations updated
      ALL quests roughly translated, might still be some confusing quests
      Craft section updated and translated
      All in-game dialogs translated
      Finished translating current items in-game
      A few better translations for areas

      Version 05.23.17:
      Latest patch added and translated
      Urdata War Fortress updates
      Monologs updated
      New items added and translated

      Version 05.23.17 (May 25th update):
      Fixed timer on Mission Quests the latest patch broke
      Translated Lele Brothers
      Small Tomb of the Warrior King translation updates

      Version 05.26.17:
      Fixed more crafting translations
      Fixed more status effect translations
      Fixed more location names

      Shout out to Ziv and Sangka for taking the time to screenshot any missing Korean text.

      -Courtesy of Pure Luck

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    • Note:

      Be sure you guys download the new versions on patch days! Double check this post, and look at the bottom of patch notes and make sure the latest patch is the correct date.

      Typically, Pure Luck updates it within an hour or 2 of patch date.

      If it hasn't been updated when you need it, just use the most current version (you will have to apply the english patch after each KR patch day), and check back later in the day.
    • Thank you guys so much for the patch as it is the most updated one. I was just wondering if you plan to release more updates. Today was a patch day as well. I would gladly donate a bit to your cause if it helps. Much appreciated!!

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