Neowiz is planning a second mobile RPG with Unreal Engine 4

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    • Neowiz is planning a second mobile RPG with Unreal Engine 4


      Neowiz Games is committed to expand the Bless IP to mobile platform and they are working with mobile developers to make 2 mobile game based on the Bless IP now. One is being developed by Longtu Korea and the other one is just confirmed and will be made by Think Fun, a new studio owned by Joycity.

      The second Bless mobile RPG is currently called Project 1
      and it's powered by Unreal Engine 4 and it plans to launch in the first
      half of 2018 in South Korea. Unlike Longtu's Bless mobile game, there
      are already some screenshots for Project 1 at Think Fun's official site. Take a look at them below.

      Looks like it's an unstoppable trend that PC MMO developers are moving to mobile platforms and make mobile games.

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      Oh yes, I saw this. I wasn't amused. I mean, on one hand this might draw people to the actual game, and that's a good thing. But on the other hand, the actual game still needs a lot of work, is missing three races and a class, and is light on features that are standard in other mmos now. I would rather them work on that than a mobile game. :(
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      I can't stand mobile at all.

      I agree they should be putting more effort into the game itself instead of expanding to other platforms. It would be interesting and beneficial if the mobile game and the PC version were somehow linked (like you could somehow benefit ingame by playing both...maybe gaining cash shop currency for the PC version while playing the mobile game? xD idk). But otherwise, idk if this will help or hurt x.x
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