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Most Anticipated game of 2016 ??????? Huh ??

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    • Most Anticipated game of 2016 ??????? Huh ??

      The only info I've found is like last years stuff (9 months ago). The ONLY recent info was an Introduction .....
      What I'd like to know when there's gonna be CBT or OBT registration for NA/??.
      IS the NA reloease gonna happen in Q3 or Q4 of 2017 or is it dead in the water ?
      Aeria games needs to supply more recent info or people will get sick of a "Coming Soon" screen.
      I don't need to mention the names of other MMORPGs that are coming out or are out (OBT) , that people may go to and stop beating their collective heads on wall of silence.
      we're not asking for a release date, etched in stone by God with the exact time ,UDT, that the on switch is pressed, like I mentioned a Q3/Q4 is helluva lot more info than we have now.
    • It's not like that I wouldn't understand the frustration but please (this goes for every new user) use the existing threads to post.

      We don't need another "how long"/"when will it come"/etc. thread as there are enough already.

      Also as said in said existing threads:

      Aeria will visit Neowiz sooner or later this year. After that they will probably decide a roadmap in order to ensure that the NA/EU version won't actually go the same way as the Russian version.

      Yes, the dreaded "soon" is annoying but deal with it - we all have to.

      Also about possible competitors - there will always be other games which will directly compete with the game so it doesn't matter what game it is or when it comes out. Either play Bless or don't.