Crafting dead?

    • Crafting dead?

      Ok, so in KR I have noticed there is little to no incentive to leveling crafting as you level your character.


      The things you can craft are useless, other than potions.

      The only good food, you get the mats from dungeons, and by the time you get to that dungeon and beat it and get the mats, you basically out leveled the food, so you can't even use it.

      Gear, dungeon gear is better, and even if you wanted to craft gear, other than the early levels where it just costs 1 mat for each peice of gear, you will outlevel that gear by the time u get enough mats. The only good thing about doing that is for your alts, cause most isn't bind on pickup (or bind on craft) and even if it is, you could always send the mats to your alt.

      End game is the only time you really want to craft.

      Sadly, I'm complaining but I don't know what I want changed or how to change it haha. Anyone have thoughts on crafting in Bless?
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