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new combat system?

    • new combat system?

      Hey guys,
      I rly got interested in Bless, but I heard the combat system was bad and it will get reworked. My question is, if I start to play at the RU version to get a better opinion about the game, will there be already the new combat system or not?
    • Unfortunately we can't help you, we do not know what they're doing to change the combat system as those changes haven't gone through yet. You could play the Russian version(though it closes soon), to see what combat is like now though. As far as I could tell, it was the same in both the Russian and the Korean version. I honestly do not think the combat is that bad.. though I do hope they improve targeting as it was a little finicky in both modes. Otherwise, I had fun with it. :)
    • Combat is still the same in Japan as well, just from watching their "training" videos on the japanese website. So we really won't know until a closed beta in NA. (Or unless of course Aeira shows us what got changed before that)
    • Hopefully, we are looking at:

      Improved targeting like Nayukhuut said.

      Maybe improvements to the "shift" skill, when you can use it, how you can use it.

      Fixes to a lot of the gap-closers, a lot of gap-closers put u further away after the animation ends!

      Skill animations in general.

      Take another look at cooldowns and "charge-up" skills, to help balance in pvp situations.

      Honestly, there isn't much wrong with the combat IMO. A few tweaks would be needed, but who knows, they might have a brand new combat system in mind?