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    • drunder40 wrote:

      I am not a huge WoW fan but the way we fight and control characters allows the most freedom and a very enjoyable combat experience.

      If it is like Tera then I won't even try it.. I absolutely have to enjoy controlling my character in order for me to actually consider playing it for any length of time.

      This made me cock an eyebrow. Really it did. I don't get you, at all, in what you're saying. In TERA you don't control your character? Wut? It's free form... FREE form. No target locks (restricted), no having the game dictate whether or not you're near enough to use a leap (limited application potential, can't leap to just move)... there are others I can think of but they're redundant to add. Could also adjust the size of that crosshair y'know, to the point you could barely see it.

      I grew to absolutely love not having to hold down my damn right-click the entire time while fighting; I've gone through enough mice that have had that button knackered within an unacceptable amount of use. I also have no problem altering my viewpoint independently from where my character is facing at the time to peer backwards etc.

      Almost sounds to me you played a different game mate.

      Anyway, all I hope for is a non-hybrid style ala GW2 and some others during recent times. That was such BS. Didn't know if it wanted to be oldskool or current. So I'd be fine with it being either tab-target OR action combat even if I'd infinitely prefer the other.
    • @drunder40, @Furami Dash, well, yes - different players = different preferences for the combat/control mechanics :)
      After I have played Tera, I personally can not imagine to play anything different than action combat. But this is me, many people still prefer the old tab-target controls, which is quite ok too.

      But I would like to see more confirmed info on this, not just assumptions. As far as I know, the received feedback was quite severe, but I have no idea if it will be taken into consideration or not. I have to say though, I am a bit concerned about hybrid systems... not sure how this will affect the gameplay.
    • Squishy wrote:

      This list really needs a full-on 2014 update. Anyone even know if Organic is still around.

      I've been trying to get back into this site for months now, but the reset password function does not work.

      I am here, but honestly, I haven't found much of a reason to actually update anything. We haven't gotten many new answers. We do have at least a few people I believe who have been in the closed beta and you can visit the Korean site for updates as well.

      Until we get a lot of CURRENT gameplay vids, I don't have much to update. However, if anyone has any updates, please post them! It'd be great to better understand what to expect. :)
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